• Living Democracy in Romania: From Protest to Referendum ?

    …Political developments after EGO 13 In the aftermath of the adoption of Emergency Government Ordinance No. 13/2017 (EGO 13) in the night of 31 January 2017 aiming at decriminalising abuse of office and other corruption-related offences, events went on rapidly in Romania. The attempt to surreptitiously pass legislation changing the Criminal Codes…

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  • Comment on „The End of the Eurocrats’ Dream“

    … title – The End of the Eurocrats’ Dream – suggests one notion in particular is a casualty of the crisis period. Beyond the formula of technocratic rule by non-majoritarian institutions, the dream involves the harmonisation of policy to a single template – ‘one size fits all’, as it tends to be called by critics (see Joerges chapter). A theme…

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  • Reflections on the European Project: Some Thoughts on the Agenda

    … I was delighted to be invited by D. Chalmers, M. Jachtenfuchs and C. Joerges to join them and others in a reflection on the European project triggered by their book, ‘The End of the Eurocrats’ Dream: Adjusting to European Diversity’. It is always useful to rethink the European project. Yet, this is a great challenge and ‘some humility is required…

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  • The End of the Eurocrats’ Dream in Endless Europe

    … transnational consumer and non-governmental organisations or trade unions, but also political parties and – with them – a European democracy based on shared identity. Today, politics appears to be not a question of identity, but rather of contestations, disputes and struggles – that Greek agon giving rise to a democratic agora, or public space, where unity…

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  • Putting Europe back on its feet – A timely wake-up call

    …1. Are „Eurocrats“ to blame for the bad shape of Europe? First of all, one has to ask whether „Eurocrat“ is a meaningful term at all. Obviously one can find lots of examples in the European law and politics that demonstrate a kind of hubris and at the same time a complete failure to accomplish the goals of the „European Project“ – one needs…

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  • After the Eurocrats‘ Dream, the Contingence of the History

    … expressly meant to help achieve the objectives of integration. There was no need to count on the explicit support of the citizenry because they did not seem concerned about matters of integration, nor did they understand them. But this is not our situation; we are after that dream, as the authors of this remarkable book remind us. Europe…

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  • The Future of the EU between Independence and Interdependence

    … the EU’s political direction. Both Merkel and Tsipras arrived in Brussels carrying a mandate from their domestic constituents – respectively in favour of and against austerity. Both, in other words, reflected their domestic democratic will. At the same time, both Member States participate in a complex structure (the EMU) that makes them interdependent…

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  • The End of the Eurocrats’ Dream

    … living through what might best be termed the Eurocrats’ nightmare – a form of governance that falls far short of the current challenges confronting the EU, and is indeed partly promotive of them. What then is (or was) the noble dream, and what is the nightmare into which we have descended. Broadly speaking, the dream was that of Jean Monnet as later…

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  • Time to Overcome TTIP’s Many Informational Asymmetries

    … Over the centuries, the negotiation of international agreements, in particular trade agreements, has traditionally remained highly confidential and sheltered from public attention. Up until today, parties to these agreements typically invoke confidentiality so as to preserve tactical decisions and build mutual trust. Yet the negotiations…

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