• Living Democracy in Romania: From Protest to Referendum ?

    …Political developments after EGO 13 In the aftermath of the adoption of Emergency Government Ordinance No. 13/2017 (EGO 13) in the night of 31 January 2017 aiming at decriminalising abuse of office and other corruption-related offences, events went on rapidly in Romania. The attempt to surreptitiously pass legislation changing the Criminal Codes…

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  • Migrantenquote in Kleingartenvereinen? Die Grenzen der Vertragsfreiheit der Laubenpieper

    … Bundeskleingartengesetz (BkleingG) als gemeinnützig anerkannt sein. Voraussetzung dafür ist nach § 2 Nr. 3 BKleingG, dass die Organisation ausschließlich oder überwiegend die Förderung des Kleingartenwesens sowie die fachliche Betreuung ihrer Mitglieder bezweckt. Kleingärtnerische Gemeinnützigkeit setzt damit voraus, dass die Organisation offen ist für alle, die…

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  • Comment on „The End of the Eurocrats’ Dream“

    … While EU scholarship still tends to narrate the Union’s history as one of successful adaptation, and the ‘euro crisis’ as something like a rite of passage, here is a book in a different mould. Singularities and turning-points are the blocks it builds with, and the present moment marks a conclusion. In this, the worst of the EU’s crises (p.1…

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  • Reflections on the European Project: Some Thoughts on the Agenda

    … I was delighted to be invited by D. Chalmers, M. Jachtenfuchs and C. Joerges to join them and others in a reflection on the European project triggered by their book, ‘The End of the Eurocrats’ Dream: Adjusting to European Diversity’. It is always useful to rethink the European project. Yet, this is a great challenge and ‘some humility is required…

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  • The End of the Eurocrats’ Dream in Endless Europe

    … One person’s dream is another person’s nightmare. This oneiric truth indicates the relative meaning of dreams, yet it also invites a wake-up call. The End of the Eurocrats’ Dream volume edited by Damian Chalmers, Markus Jachtenfuchs and Christian Joerges is such a wake-up call warning fellow academics, European politicians and the general public…

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  • Putting Europe back on its feet – A timely wake-up call

    …1. Are „Eurocrats“ to blame for the bad shape of Europe? First of all, one has to ask whether „Eurocrat“ is a meaningful term at all. Obviously one can find lots of examples in the European law and politics that demonstrate a kind of hubris and at the same time a complete failure to accomplish the goals of the „European Project“ – one needs…

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  • After the Eurocrats‘ Dream, the Contingence of the History

    … The Eurocrats’ dream was the stealth Europe. The Monnet method of bureaucratic integration has been mechanical and furtive, dominated by necessity. The principal leaders of integration, on the right and the left, have been driven by a crude determinism that presumed that economic development would inevitably lead to desired institutional…

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  • The Future of the EU between Independence and Interdependence

    … Almost all contributions to the collection ‘The End of Eurocrats’ Dream’, edited by Damian Chalmers, Markus Jachtenfuchs and Christian Joerges touch upon a tension that has been implicit in the integration process from the very start, but has only explicitly manifested itself during the Euro-crisis: the tension between independence…

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  • The End of the Eurocrats’ Dream

    … The premise of this timely and important book is that the Euro crisis has placed the EU in an existential predicament that cannot be resolved in the usual fashion of yet more of the same. Though there is surprisingly little by way of a sketch of what might have been the Eurocrats’ dream, the reader is left in no doubt that we are currently…

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  • Time to Overcome TTIP’s Many Informational Asymmetries

    …-counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA). Since then, the EU Commission has pioneered a comprehensive disclosure strategy, accompanied by efforts to provide understanding for the general public about the proposed content of trade agreements. In doing so, the EU has compellingly shown to its trading partners that there exists a conspicuous space…

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