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  • Making software quicker is not patentable

    … contribution to the art. The case at hand The patent application concerned the managing of objects and their properties. When the value of a first property depends on that of another second property, the question arises of how to update the first if the second changes. In this context, programmers may unintentionally define circular dependencies between…

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  • European #softwarepatent roundup 03/16

    … the established COMVIK approach which is summarized nicely in the decision: As set out in decision T 641/00 “Two identities/COMVIK” (OJ EPO 2003, 352), it is only technical features, i.e. those which contribute to the solution of a technical problem by providing a technical effect, that can support the presence of an inventive step. Non…

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  • European #softwarepatent roundup

    …”) for lack of inventive step. Claim 1 was directed to a method for determining by a challenger a level of trust to put in a digital certificate, the challenger allowing/disallowing a trusted action dependent from a predefined level of trust. Relative to the closest prior art the Board of Appeal identified three differences defined in claim 1, none…

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  • Only technical features can form an “invention” in Germany

    … on the technical features of a patent claim. The invention The case to be decided related to a European patent on a method for the perspective display of a part of a topographic map. Claim 1 to be assessed read as follows: A method for the perspective display of a part of a topographic map by selecting, in dependence of a position (c) of a vehicle…

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  • „Software Patents Worldwide“ – Germany chapter #22

    … Flugzeugzustand) are quite interesting, as already reported here. The complete loose-leaf edition of “Software Patents Worldwide” can be ordered at Wolters Kluwer. If you are interested in the Germany chapter, feel free to send us a message. Happy reading! About the author Bastian Best, partner at BARDEHLE PAGENBERG, is a German and European patent…

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  • Good news for software patents in Germany?

    … as such are not patent-eligible) or lack of inventive step (since purely non-technical features are disregarded). Two new decisions of the German Federal Court of Justice, however, might have the potential of giving software patent applicants more room to argue patent-eligibility in Germany. Being in the process of updating the Germany chapter of Software…

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