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  • European #softwarepatent roundup 03/16

    …-technical features, i.e. those which do not make a technical contribution, may legitimately appear in the formulation of the objective technical problem. Read the full decision here. Gaming: Setting game parameters based on slide operations is non-technical EP 1 671 685Case T 1385/12 concerned an examination appeal against the rejection of European…

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  • „Software Patents Worldwide“ – Germany chapter #22

    … It’s been a while since our Germany chapter of “Software Patents Worldwide“ was last updated. The revised edition #22 will be published in December and includes the most recent software patent-related decisions of the German Federal Court of Justice (FCJ). In particular, the decisions “image stream” (BGH Bildstrom) and “airplane status” (BGH…

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  • Good news for software patents in Germany?

    … as such are not patent-eligible) or lack of inventive step (since purely non-technical features are disregarded). Two new decisions of the German Federal Court of Justice, however, might have the potential of giving software patent applicants more room to argue patent-eligibility in Germany. Being in the process of updating the Germany chapter of Software…

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  • Two interesting Decisions on Patent Eligibility of Software Inventions in the US

    … 7,346,545 eligible, since many of the claims steps require intricate and complex computer programming, which transforms a general-purpose computer into a special-purpose computer performing particular functions. Thus, both decisions refer to something like the technical character or technical implementation of the calimed business principle. In deed…

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