• Still not a Dictatorship: Spanish Law and Judiciary in Times of Constitutional Crisis

      I write these lines after Carles Puigdemont, the deposed Catalan President, and part of his Government have fled to Brussels to evade Spanish justice, after eight ex-Consellers of the Government have been sent to pre-trial detention without bail, and after the appeal from the incarcerated presidents of two civil pro-independence associations ANC and Omnium to be released on conditional parole .

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    • Seven Steps to Hell: the Catalan Conflict in Full Escalation Mode

      We are having an unusually hot October in Barcelona. Maximum temperatures are rising to 25 degrees Celsius most days. But climate is not the only hot thing here in Spain at the moment. Every day things are getting worse, politically and socially. Before the intervention of President Puigdemont in the Catalan Parliament on Tuesday October 10th, when many were expecting him or ...

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  • On Cockroaches and the Rule of Law

    … has not only imposed home rule in Catalonia, it has also jailed the former leaders of the Catalan government. Franco is back. Spain is not a country subject to the rule of law. Spain has political prisoners. Spain joins the ranks of Venezuela, Turkey and Zimbabwe. Spain is a democratic anomaly in the very heart of the European Union. Thus, I…

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  • Catalonia and Spain: A View from the Future Past

    … I have started to write this article four times over the past two weeks, and each time I failed to complete it. The reason is, I think, fairly simple. I have been trying to write a dispassionate political analysis of the current situation in Catalonia and Spain, and have realized that I cannot do it, not right now at least. What you are reading…

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  • Homage to Catalonia: How to Lift the Gridlock of Constitutional Crisis in Spain

    … On 6 October 1934 Lluís Companys proclaimed the Catalan State (Estat Català) within a ‘Spanish Federal Republic’. 83 years later, Catalonia – unbelievable as it may sound – is on the verge of unilaterally declaring its independence, again. At this crucial moment, one has to seriously wonder whether there is any realistic way to de-escalate…

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  • Die unmögliche Revolution, Teil 3: Eskalation

    … Vor der Bank kauert ein Obdachloser. Schottische Unterstützer Flaggenverkäufer Unterstützer aus dem Baskenland demonstrieren mit. Die radikalere Truppe. Kurz nach diesem Schnappschuss kommt ein Demonstrant und befiehlt mir, den Fotoapparat wegzupacken. Ich habe es rechtzeitig zum…

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  • Sozusagen ein Referendum: Bericht aus Barcelona, Teil 2

    … Heute morgen habe ich mich mit Joan Vintró getroffen, einem freundlichen älteren Herrn und Verfassungsrechtsprofessor an der Universität von Barcelona. Vintró ist eines von sieben Mitgliedern einer Art "Wahlkommission" für das katalanische Unabhängigkeitsreferendum. Die Gänsefüßchen sind mit Bedacht gesetzt: Die eigentliche Wahlkommission war am…

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  • Die unmögliche Revolution: Bericht aus Barcelona, Teil 1

    … aktivieren sollen, um das Referendum zu verhindern. Den Notstandsartikel, der die Suspension des katalanischen Autonomiestatuts erlaubt. Einige Schritte weiter: Xavier, auf dem Weg zur Arbeit. "Das Referendum, das ist ein Fest", sagt er. "Der erste Tag unseres Lebens!" Er wird mit Ja stimmen, am Nachmittag, wenn er Feierabend hat. Laura, eine junge…

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  • Katalonien: Selbstbestimmung ist nicht zu verbieten

    … Es handelt sich um ein altes philosophisches Problem: Warum gibt es den Staat und wie begründet er seine Macht? Für dieses Problem gibt es bis heute keine Lösung. Man kann allenfalls empirisch feststellen, dass es auf der ganzen Welt Staaten gibt und dass sie zumindest in ihren Grundanlagen überall gleich funktionieren. Der Staat übt durch seine…

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  • The Catalunya Conundrum, Part 1: How Could Things Come to Such a Pass?

    … Government, which considers it illegal and seems determined to stop it by all means, makes things complicated. The Spanish Constitutional Court has not yet reached a final decision on the issue, although there are little doubts about the illegality of the referendum, as previous decisions have already excluded any kind of popular vote on secession…

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  • The Catalan Self-Determination Referendum Act: A New Legal Order in Europe

    … Following my blog post from July 18, I would like to bring the readers of Verfassungsblog up to speed on the ‘secessionist process’ in Catalonia. For this purpose, let me briefly recall that the Catalan Referendum Draft Bill, which was presented to the public on July 3, sets the date of the referendum to October 1, 2017 and requires…

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  • The EU and the Catalan Crisis

    … that have currently unfolded are nothing close to what independence should look like. The events are a serious threat to the rule of law, and it is important to stress it in these very terms. There is a relevant majority of Catalans who wish to decide in a referendum about the future of Catalunya. It is not about independence, it is about the right…

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