Schottland (englisch und scots: Scotland, schottisch-gälisch: Alba [ˈaləpə], lateinisch-keltisch: Caledonia) ist ein Land im Nordwesten von Europa und ein Landesteil des Vereinigten Königreichs Großbritannien und Nordirland. Schottland besteht aus dem nördlichen Teil (etwa einem Drittel) der größten europäischen Insel Großbritannien sowie mehreren Inselgruppen. Die Hauptstadt von Schottland ist seit 1437 Edinburgh (vorher Perth). Bis 1707 war es ein eigenständiges Königreich, in jenem Jahr wurde es mit dem Königreich England – mit dem es bereits seit 1603 in Personalunion regiert wurde – vereinigt. In den letzten Jahrzehnten ist in Schottland eine starke Bewegung (Scottish National Party u.
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  • First Thoughts on the UK General Election Result 2017

    … 1. Any kind of formal co-operative pact between the UK Conservative Party and Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) is Faustian and will undoubtedly very quickly destroy whatever is left of Theresa May’s reputation and career as PM. It will also further re-toxify the Tories, polarise politics in England (and I mean England), and re…

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  • Limiting the Constitutional Space of Scotland and Northern Ireland

    … During the weekend, there have been reports suggesting that Nicola Sturgeon will be soon calling a second Scottish independence referendum. Such development will mean that her Government somehow abandons the idea of a differentiated Brexit. Such idea was developed in the December White Paper which advocated that Scotland could remain in the EU…

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  • From Greenland to Svalbard: Scotland’s quest for a differentiated Brexit

    … On 20 December 2016, the Scottish Government released its blueprint on how Scotland can remain in the European Single Market post-Brexit. From the governing SNP’s point of view, the paper can be seen as a compromise given that it does not advocate Scottish independence. Instead, it proposes that the best outcome for the UK as a whole…

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  • Scotland, Catalonia and the Constitutional Taboo of Secession

    …, the former Northern Ireland Secretary made clear that, according to her, ‘there is nothing to indicate that there is majority support for a poll.’ The situation in Scotland is quite different. The Scotland Act 1998 provides that the Scottish Parliament cannot legislate on issues related to the Constitution of which ‘the Union of the Kingdoms of Scotland…

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  • Theresa May’s Great Repeal Bill – a Scottish own goal?

    … Theresa May’s announcement of a Great Repeal Bill at Tory party conference on Sunday has the hallmarks of a stroke of genius: It creates some momentum in the internal Brexit debate without substantively changing anything and without thereby compromising her negotiating position with the EU. It appeases the die-heart Brexiteers in her party…

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  • INIS Free? Towards a Scots-Irish Union

    … through them we lost, we are compelled to wage deadly war with them, aforesaid, preferring under stress of necessity to put ourselves like men to the trial of war in defence of our right, rather than to bear like women their atrocious outrages. And that we may be able to attain our purpose more speedily and fitly in this respect, we call to our…

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    … Looking back on the result of the Brexit vote, future historians may well conclude that the post-WW II United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland was, like Belgium, held together by the European Union. Flanders and Wallonia dare not split into independent countries (despite decades of mutual antipathy and non-co-operation) because…

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  • After Brexit: Time for a further Decoupling of European and National Citizenship?

    … legal ramifications of Maduro’s political vision in Rottmann were that a Member State’s decision to withdraw naturalization came under the scrutiny of EU law because that decision could also entail a removal of the status of European citizenship. In Ruiz Zambrano, the Court supplemented the protection of this status with the requirement…

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  • Everything you need to know about Article 50 (but were afraid to ask)

    … which has withdrawn from the Union asks to rejoin, its request shall be subject to the procedure referred to in Article 49. This confirms what upsets the in-denial Remainers: out means out. And that applies, of course, not only to the UK as a whole but to any constituent part of it that chooses to break away: an independent Scotland would have…

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  • A European Future for Scotland?

    …. For instance, if a second bid for Scottish independence were successful, Scotland could seek to become independent the day the UK leaves the EU and become an EU member in its own right that very day. The question is how this could be achieved under EU law. An independent Scotland would not automatically be a member of the EU, but membership would have…

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