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Der Stand der Technik ist eine Technikklausel und stellt die technischen Möglichkeiten zu einem bestimmten Zeitpunkt, basierend auf gesicherten Erkenntnissen von Wissenschaft und Technik, dar.
Artikel zum Thema Prior Art
  • Softwarepatent-News der Woche vom 19. April 2013

    … Foundation (EFF), das Patentportal Ask Patents und die Cyberlaw Clinic der Harvard-Universität wollen sechs Patentanträge für 3D-Druckverfahren verhindern, da sie innovationsverhindern seien. Im Oktober rief die EFF dazu auf, Hinweise zu kritischen Patentanträgen oder Prior Art (Stand der Technik) zu melden, seitdem konnten sechs Anträge ausgemacht werden… 15 Leser -

  • USA: Verlage wollen bei Patenteinreichung abzocken

    … and attorneys who fail to submit known and relevant prior art can be subject to ethics charges and the associated patents held unenforceable. Earlier this year, the US Patent Office issued a memo indicating its belief that copying and submitting copyrighted documents should be considered a non-actionable fair use.…

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  • Anspruchsmerkmale müssen technisch sinnvoll ausgelegt werden

    … T 0079/96: …when assessing novelty of the claimed subject-matter an expression in a claim should be given its broadest technically sensible meaning. T 1885/08: When assessing whether a feature is known from the prior art or not, its wording should be given the broadest meaning that is technically meaningful (cf. T 79/96). … 6 Leser -
  • Combination of features not derivable from application as filed – (T 2118/08)

    … is established jurisprudence of the boards of appeal and has been applied in, for example, T 296/96 (point 3.1 of the reasons) and T 1402/07 (point 2.1.2 of the reasons). It might be worth mentioning at this juncture that the boards of appeal apply the same criteria when assessing novelty over a piece of prior art (eg. T 305/87, OJ EPO 1991, 429, headnote, and T 763/07, point 3.1 of the reasons). See: T 2118/08 – It’s Factual [K's Law] …

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  • Recent EPO Appeal Board Decisions Relating to Computer Implemented Inventions

    …The EPO Boards of Appeal constantly issue decisions relating to Computer/Software-Implemented Inventions (CII), often involving communication concepts or mobile applications. I have selected four recent decisions for a brief discussion: Formatting text on a mobile device (not inventive): In T 1110/08 of 14 September 2010 Appeal Board no. 3.5.05…

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  • Recent EPO Appeal Board Decisions Relating to Computer Implemented Inventions

    … of the mobile telephone. The applicant considered the claimed invention allowable basically for two reasons: formatting options are arranged in only two hierarchical menus, whereas prior art (e.g. an MS Word 97 users guide) requires a user to traverse at least three menu layers before reaching a desired menu, and the invention provides "a simple concept…

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  • System for Financial Transactions Allowed by EPO Boards of Appeal (T 1051/07)

    … problem solution approach, as developed in T 208/84 (Vicom) and T 641/00 (Comvik) for assessing software-implemented inventions, the present case shows (again) that even commercial or administrative methods may be both patent eligible according to Art. 52 EPC and inventive according to Art. 56 EPC, if the claimed teaching comprises technical features…

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  • Second Peer-To-Patent Pilot Phase Has Begun - UK-IPO Might Join Later

    … on October 25, 2010 and will continue to accept applications through September 30, 2011. Several other changes are being made in this pilot from the earlier pilot, including a shortening of the time for review by about two weeks and a reduction in the number of items of prior art being forwarded to the USPTO from 10 to 6. Prior experience indicated…

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