Polish Constitutional Tribunal

  • One Law, Two Justices

    … Poland’s prolonged rule of law crisis goes beyond the political and legal to the psychological. Those who believe in the value of respect for the law, the inviolability of the constitution and the independence of the courts have seen the things they believe in ruthlessly destroyed. They are likely to be experiencing a psychological trauma…

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  • Is Poland’s President Duda on the Road to Damascus?

    … Polish President Duda’s veto of the government’s bills on the judiciary caught both the governing party and the opposition by surprise, and can indeed be seen as something of a miracle. The President’s consistent support for all of PiS’s previous assaults on the rule of law in Poland had not given much hope for his conversion, yet he found…

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  • How to Demolish an Independent Judiciary with the Help of a Constitutional Court

    … On 20 June, the Polish Constitutional Tribunal, with three anti-judges among its members, decided that certain provisions of the Act on the National Council of the Judiciary of Poland were unconstitutional. By doing so, the Tribunal unanimously conceded to the motion of the Minister of Justice, who had questioned those provisions in the course…

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  • An Eye for an Eye: Law as an Instrument of Revenge in Poland

    … In contemporary societies, the law may serve different functions: a channel for public discourse, a tool for co-ordination, or indeed an instrument of coercion. In contemporary Poland, constitutional law has recently acquired a novel function – an instrument of revenge. Those following Polish affairs will already have spotted a strange symmetry…

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  • A Polish Marbury v. Madison?

    … verdict reached by a Przylebska-appointed panel (particularly if the panel included one of the anti-judges). Whatever its outcome, the Polish Supreme Court’s verdict will not be a Polish Marbury v. Madison, as it will not give the civil courts the right of constitutional review. It may, however, blur the line between private and public cases…

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  • Poland’s Constitutional Tribunal under PiS control descends into legal chaos

    … December 2016 brought some new developments in the Polish constitutional crisis. Judge Rzepliński stepped down from the court and a new set of three statutes was introduced to allow Law and Justice (Prawo i Sprawiedliwość, PiS) to take over full control over Poland’s constitutional court, the Constitutional Tribunal (CT). The statutes gave…

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  • Hat die EU das Kräftemessen mit Polen bereits verloren?

    … Heute feiert das polnische Verfassungsgericht seinen 30. Geburtstag. Die Stadt Danzig lädt zu einer großen Jubiläumskonferenz ein, vier ehemalige und ein amtierender Verfassungsrichter werden Vorträge halten, und auch aus Europa werden hochrangige Gäste erwartet: EuGH-Präsident Koen Lenaerts wird ein Grußwort sprechen, der Präsident der Venedig…

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