• Rule of Law in Poland: Memory Politics and Belarusian Minority

      In recent years, the Verfassungsblog has commented extensively on the decline of the rule of law in Hungary and Poland. While most of the contributors have unfolded the dramatic changes regarding judicial independence in these countries, two facets of this decline, in my view, have not received sufficient attention in light of the ongoing constitutional discussion in Europe, ...

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    • A Constitution of Fear

      When electoral mandates and constitutional/legal change are used in the service of an illiberal agenda, I call this phenomenon „autocratic legalism” K. L. Scheppele, Autocratic legalism, University of Chicago Law Review (forthcoming) The constitutional manifesto of the Polish authoritarians is well known and might be conveniently summarised as follows: There is one culprit be ...

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  • President Duda is Destroying the Rule of Law instead of Fixing it

    … Were the president of any country to propose acts of law that remove almost half of the members of its supreme court, interrupt the constitutional term of office of the chairperson of such court, give himself the right to appoint a new chairperson of the court, and finally, interrupt the constitutionally defined term of office of a judicial…

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  • Understanding the Politics of Resentment

    … the „politics of resentment” from mere contestation and dissatisfaction with the status quo is its resort to the “constitutional capture” as a tool to remodel the state and unseat the hitherto dominant (and allegedly failing) liberal narrative. Constitutional capture is a generic and novel concept (interestingly, American scholars are waking up now…

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  • Mind the Gap! Schwierigkeiten der Rechtsstaatlichkeit in der EU

    … Reaktionsunfähigkeit der EU deutlich die Grenzen des Schutzes der Rechtsstaatlichkeit in der EU. Derzeit verfügt die EU über keine wirksamen Mechanismen, die die Rechtsstaatlichkeit in den Mitgliedsstaaten effizient schützen würden. Möglich sind vor allem direkte Stellungnahmen der Europäischen Kommission bezüglich der Rechtstaatlichkeit in den…

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  • One Law, Two Justices

    … on effectiveness to the exclusion of any other considerations. For example, one prominent politician, Ludwik Dorn, noted that if the winners of the next elections wish to restore the previous constitutional order for the Constitutional Tribunal and the courts, they will have to revert to legal measures identical to those used by the current…

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  • Defenceless Formalists: on Abuse of Law and the Weakness of the Polish Judiciary

    … and then married his widow. As king, David had the right to order Uriah to take part in the battle, but he did so to achieve his own ends, not to defend the country. Marshalling the law to one’s own ends Abuse of law is a recurring element of Poland’s rule of law crisis. It enabled the authorities to take control of the Constitutional Tribunal (CT) when…

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  • Is Poland’s President Duda on the Road to Damascus?

    … perspective – remove its teeth. A further mystery is whether Duda’s recent vetoes signal a more permanent change in his fidelities to his political stable and to the Constitution; an opportunity to witness the depth of his conversion arises soon. The untimely death of Professor Morawski, one of the anti-judges appointed to the Constitutional Tribunal…

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  • For Central Europe’s Illiberal Democracies, the Worst is yet to Come

    … Next week the Polish parliament will most likely pass a bill sponsored by the ruling Law and Justice party, introducing a total overhaul of the country’s judicial system. The tenures of all judges sitting on the Supreme Court, Poland’s highest judicial instance, will be immediately expired, while their successors will be installed by the justice…

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  • How to Demolish an Independent Judiciary with the Help of a Constitutional Court

    … On 20 June, the Polish Constitutional Tribunal, with three anti-judges among its members, decided that certain provisions of the Act on the National Council of the Judiciary of Poland were unconstitutional. By doing so, the Tribunal unanimously conceded to the motion of the Minister of Justice, who had questioned those provisions in the course…

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  • Fiktiver (doppelter) Lizenzschadensersatz ist richtlinienkonform

    … Urteil des EuGH vom 25.01.2017, Az.: C-367/15 Art. 13 der Richtlinie 2004/48/EG des Europäischen Parlaments und des Rates vom 29. April 2004 zur Durchsetzung der Rechte des geistigen Eigentums ist dahin auszulegen, dass er einer nationalen Regelung wie der im Ausgangsverfahren fraglichen, wonach der Inhaber des verletzten Rechts des geistigen…

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