Polen (polnisch Polska [ˈpɔlska] Anhören?/i, amtlich Rzeczpospolita Polska, [ʐɛʈ͡ʂpɔsˈpɔlita ˈpɔlska]?/i, deutsch Republik Polen) ist eine parlamentarische Republik in Mitteleuropa. Hauptstadt und zugleich größte Stadt des Landes ist Warschau. Polen ist ein Einheitsstaat, der aus 16 Woiwodschaften besteht. Mit einer Größe von 312,679 km² ist Polen das sechstgrößte Land der Europäischen Union und mit 38,5 Millionen Einwohnern das sechstbevölkerungsreichste. Es herrscht vorwiegend Ozeanisches Klima im Norden und Westen sowie Kontinentalklima im Süden und Osten des Landes.
Artikel zum Thema Poland
  • The Polish Crisis as a European Crisis: A Letter to Mr Jean-Claude Juncker

    … My letter is not fueled by anger. Far from it. If there is one emotion that drives it, it is the deep disappointment at how easily your Commission has given up on Poland, despite all the fanfare and tough legal talk to the contrary. The time has finally come to recognise that by doing nothing, you have been losing Poland every day for the last…

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  • Constitutional Capture in Poland 2016 and Beyond: What is Next?

    … that Poland is on the slippery slope towards autocracy. Last Friday PiS decided to go all-in in its quest for total and unrestrained control. It Crossed the line by illegally passing the budget for next year and voting outside of the main chamber of the Parliament. It was not the first time that PIS broke all major rules of parliamentary…

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  • Polish Constitutional Tribunal goes down with dignity

    … this is inadmissible encroachment by the executive on the competences of a constitutional court and aims at the stigmatization of the judges who decided these cases. Such practice runs afoul of the standards of the state governed by the rule of law (Rechtstaat) and is alien to the legal culture to which Republic of Poland belongs. The Tribunal was clear: all…

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  • EIB fosters renewable energy and energy efficiency investments in Poland

    … (LEXEGESE) - According to the European Investment Bank (EIB), EIB is lending up to PLN 295m (some EUR 71m) to the Polish energy company TAURON Polska Energia SA for its investments in renewable energy and energy efficiency in Southern Poland, to be completed by the end of 2016. With the support of the EIB, TAURON Group will expand its…

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  • Koninklijke Philips Electronics

    … SEC charged the Netherlands-based health care company with FCPA violations related to improper payments made by employees at its Polish subsidiary to health care officials in Poland. Philips agreed to pay more than $4.5 million to settle the charges. (4/5/13) Read more: Koninklijke Philips Electronics …

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  • Int'l Press Review: Germany's Merkel eyes tougher carbon targets

    …(The Sydney Morning Herald) - ... “We need, as soon as possible, another EU-wide target that goes beyond the CO2 reduction of 2020,” Merkel said. “I think that at the end of this year, possibly in connection with the climate conference in Poland, that we can succeed in jointly agreeing” on a new target. ...…

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  • Int'l Press Review: Poland aims to pave way for 2015 climate deal

    …(AP) - Hoping to win over EU critics of Poland's recent stance on climate change, the environment minister said Friday that the coal-powered nation will make every effort to pave the way for a lasting deal in 2015 when it hosts a U.N. global warming conference in November…

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  • UPC News: Signing Ceremony Today and Rules of Procedure

    …Today the Signing ceremony of the International Agreement on the establishment of the Unified Patent Court will be held at the Justus Lipsius building in Brussels. Apparently, only 21 of the originally 25 EU member states that supported the establishment of a Unitary Patent by enhanced cooperation are prepared to sign, including the thee…

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  • ILR: Latham Guides Eli Lilly to $29.4 Million FCPA Settlement

    … American Lawyer: Pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly and Co. agreed Thursday to pay $29.4 million to settle charges by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission that it violated the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act by making improper payments to officials in Russia, Brazil, China, and Poland. Read more: Latham Guides Eli Lilly to $29.4 Million FCPA Settlement …

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