• Lord Chancellor’s Breakfast 2014

    Full title reads: "London. The Majesty of Law. The Lord Chancellor heads annual procession of judges before reopening of the Law Courts." London. Pan down exterior of building. Shots of Lord Sankey, the Lord Chancellor at the head of a procession of judges walking to Law Courts. They a ...

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  • Free range Scotch eggs

    … in a gentle and equal heat in order to be hatched, and they are no sooner out of the shell, and able to stir about, but they seem to consider those that feed them as their mothers, and follow them as other chickens do the hen that hatched them. I don’t think More foresaw these: It seems you can also get free-range pickled eggs, albeit from England – but after today’s referendum that might be necessary. This entry was posted in comestibles, photos by MMarks. Bookmark the permalink.…

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  • Football – Lokalderby

    … On Monday, there was a match between FC Nürnberg and Greuther Fürth. Both are in the 2. Liga at the moment. Lisa Neun, one of the earliest bloggers I remember, who blogs cartoons from Fürth, also belongs to a group of Fürth supporters in Erlangen. See the cartoon Warum ich Frankenderbys liebe. The reason why Greuther Fürth’s symbol is a green…

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  • Photos

    …Some impressions of here to fill the current gap. Polling day today (this is not a polling booth) A curious sign Graffiti This makes me feel at home…

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  • Eleven years

    …This blog has now been running for eleven years. Contrary to appearances, I have a lot of ideas to post. However, first of all I need to change the software, because every time there is a spam attack, the provider's server gets into difficulties. I haven't got much time when I can do that. On top of that, the broadband here has broken down…

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  • Pearly kings and queens

    …Londonist records in pictures The London Pearly Kings & Queens Society Costermongers Harvest Festival Parade Service took place on Sunday at Guildhall Yard. Photos by Zefrog. But I recognize that man in the group picture - the Upminster pearly king (apparently aged 88)! And yet I was surprised we had one when I saw him in Upminster recently:…

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  • Election posters

    …It's looking rather colourful here. Not only did Bavaria have elections last Sunday, Hesse has them next Sunday at the same time as the Bundestag elections. This seemed inappropriate in retrospect: Local. Notice complete Great Dane: This one I saw in a spot where I could neither park nor photograph (that's where some of the worst posters always…

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  • Russian Orthodox Church in Frankfurt am Main

    … said she was from Frankfurt, but this made no difference. Photos of the interior were not welcome and we were rapidly escorted out. We were told that had we attempted to photograph the inside of a mosque, we would have found our heads cut off next to our bodies. The Russians were less aggressive, however. Somehow I feel Nathan der Weise would have seen things differently.…

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  • Neue Richtlinien für Gewinnspiele bei Facebook

    …. Persönliche Profile bleiben hingegen weiterhin tabu in Sachen Gewinnspiele. Lesen Sie hier weitere Details zu den neuen Richtlinien für Gewinnspiele. Bildachweis: Facebook ( … 25 Leser -
  • Moher, marum, mohin?

    …So much has been written about the demolition of the banqueting hall in the Park Hotel in Fürth, and so little about the demolition of the MacDonalds branch on the ground floor, although the latter has been the main function of the hotel for some years. So we ask ourselves: Marum? I have my suspicions as to whether the Three Kings really visited…

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  • Banqueting hall before demolition/Festsaaldecke jetzt freigelegt.

    … photos of it on the Fürther Freiheit blog under the title Wachgeküßt, um zu sterben? (he prefers the alte Rechtschreibung). I've stolen one here as a taster - please click through for five photos plus one of the demolition in progress of the adjoining Fiedler building, all thumbnails clickable to enlarge:…

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  • Die Wanne in der Literatur

    … Doppelseite gegenüber gestellt. Doch so unterschiedlich die Motive auch sind, immer gibt es etwas, das sie miteinander verbindet. Berlin Impressions Locations People präsentiert somit auf ganz ungewöhnliche Art und Weise die vielen Facetten dieser faszinierende Metropole Zitiert aus der Kurzbeschreibung bei Amazon. Jetzt wüßte ich nur gern, welche Gemeinsamkeit Herr Kierock zwischen der Wanne und dem Bundeskanzleramt entdeckt hat? …

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  • Real asparagus/Ordentlicher Spargel

    …I seem to have escaped the annual German white asparagus orgasm, at least for a while. I am here: Note also purple sprouting broccoli, and Cyprus potatoes disguised with a bit of German. This seems to be how they sell fruit after abandoning scales…

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