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  • German software patents on graphical user interfaces?

    … Patent applications on new types of GUIs oftentimes run into trouble in Germany because the examiners consider them to be “presentation of information“. As the avid reader will know, the presentation of information is one of the items on the list of subject-matters excluded “as such” from patent protection. In the recent Image Stream decision…

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  • „Software Patents Worldwide“ – Germany chapter #22

    … It’s been a while since our Germany chapter of “Software Patents Worldwide“ was last updated. The revised edition #22 will be published in December and includes the most recent software patent-related decisions of the German Federal Court of Justice (FCJ). In particular, the decisions “image stream” (BGH Bildstrom) and “airplane status” (BGH…

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  • Good news for software patents in Germany?

    … as such are not patent-eligible) or lack of inventive step (since purely non-technical features are disregarded). Two new decisions of the German Federal Court of Justice, however, might have the potential of giving software patent applicants more room to argue patent-eligibility in Germany. Being in the process of updating the Germany chapter of Software…

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