Northern Ireland

Nordirland (englisch Northern Ireland, irisch Tuaisceart Éireann) ist ein Land und Teil des Vereinigten Königreichs Großbritannien und Nordirland. Es besteht aus sechs der neun Grafschaften der historischen irischen Provinz Ulster im Norden Irlands.Im Verhältnis zur Republik Irland ist Nordirland dichter bevölkert und weist einen höheren Industrialisierungsgrad auf.
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  • What’s in a name? A Brexit we can all enjoy

    … Brexit negotiations between Britain and the EU to move from the stalled divorce proceedings to (what are soon to be stalled) trade relations and exit-transition discussions. The deal in question contained an agreement that Northern Ireland (the top part of the island of Ireland, that is part of the UK) would leave the Single Market and the Customs…

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  • First Thoughts on the UK General Election Result 2017

    … 1. Any kind of formal co-operative pact between the UK Conservative Party and Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) is Faustian and will undoubtedly very quickly destroy whatever is left of Theresa May’s reputation and career as PM. It will also further re-toxify the Tories, polarise politics in England (and I mean England), and re…

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  • Limiting the Constitutional Space of Scotland and Northern Ireland

    … During the weekend, there have been reports suggesting that Nicola Sturgeon will be soon calling a second Scottish independence referendum. Such development will mean that her Government somehow abandons the idea of a differentiated Brexit. Such idea was developed in the December White Paper which advocated that Scotland could remain in the EU…

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  • INIS Free? Towards a Scots-Irish Union

    … revolutionary for kings as it was for Popes. Since if the political claims of the Popes could be questioned in the name of the people, so too, in time, might the claims of their secular rulers come to be challenged on the same basis. Back to the Future A post Brexit union of Ireland, Northern Ireland and Scotland would certainly be one way of achieving what…

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    … Looking back on the result of the Brexit vote, future historians may well conclude that the post-WW II United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland was, like Belgium, held together by the European Union. Flanders and Wallonia dare not split into independent countries (despite decades of mutual antipathy and non-co-operation) because…

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  • Brexit, Identity, and the Rise of the Euro-Celts

    … and Euroscepticism frequently appear as two sides of the same coin, the opposite is the case in at least two of the UK’s other nations. As surveys in both Scotland and Northern Ireland show, strong nationalist sentiment and being in favour of European integration can go hand in hand. The United Kingdom’s secession from the EU, hence, will not feel to many…

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  • Sag's (nicht) durch die Blume: Oster-Lilien und Meinungsfreiheit

    …Das ist kein verspäteter Beitrag zum Valentinstag, zumal die Oster-Lilie ohnehin keine geeignete Valentinstags-Blume wäre, ist sie doch nicht nur Symbol der Reinheit, sondern auch des Todes. In Irland hat die Oster-Lilie allerdings noch eine ganz andere Symbolkraft als Erinnerung an den Osteraufstand 1916 und damit als politisches Symbol der…

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  • WIPO World Intellectual Property Day on 26 April 2010

    … in New Zealand, that March 13 is Eight Hours Day in Australia, and that July 12 is Battle of the Boyne Day in Northern Ireland, but not a single word about the annual World IP Day on April 26, the ipeg blog notes that many countries organise special events for this day, among which are e.g. Moldova or Saudi Arabia, whereas others, such as United…

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  • IT in Supreme Court

    …In the Times Online, Richard Susskind describes the IT systems used or to be used in future in the new Supreme Court. So the new building has done some good! Fixed cameras are installed (banned in other courts in England, Wales and Northern Ireland). Documents discussed to be shown on screens. The three courts are also equipped with document…

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  • English law/Englisches Recht

    … the law of England and Wales. The UK has one parliament, but three legal systems: for England and Wales; Northern Ireland; and Scotland. The House of Lords is the highest civil (not criminal) court of appeal for England, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Some Acts passed in Westminster apply to Scotland too, some apply in part to Scotland, some apply…

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  • Ofcom: Second Public Service Broadcasting Review

    … 1) Anhang 2 (Übersicht über die Stellungnahmen) Anhang 3 (Details zu den "networking arrangements" der regionalen Channel 3-Lizenzinhaber) Anhang 4 (ein Bericht externer Consultants: The Sustainability of Local Commercial Television) Statement on Short Term Regulatory Decisions Presseaussendung mit Vidoebriefing One page overview Recommendations for the devolved nations (Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland)…

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  • The United Kingdom/Vereinigtes Königreich

    …Following the list of geographical and political terms around the islands, I now turn to the legal systems in the United Kingdom. The first point is that there are three legal systems in the UK: in England and Wales; in Scotland; and in Northern Ireland. We don't usually talk about UK law or British law. To compare: Germany is a unitary state…

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  • Humanist weddings in Scotland/Humanistische Hochzeiten in Schottland

    …In Germany one gets married at a register office, and a church wedding is an extra. In the UK, one gets married at a register office, or in a church, or in various other places - the paperwork can be done at any. But the law varies between the three jurisdictions: England and Wales; Scotland; Northern Ireland. Scotland has traditionally offered…

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  • Trust the LeaderTrust the Leader
    I had the pleasure today of attending a meeting with Richmond Park candidate for MP Zac Goldsmith, at my local pub in Barnes. This meeting, conveniently placed at 9.15 in the morning, (which ensure...
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