• Common Sense in the Definition of ‘Instrumentality’ Under the FCPA

    … for the compliance practitioner. This opinion was the first time that a Court of Appeals had reviewed the FCPA question of what is an ‘instrumentality’ under the Act. Both defendants had argued that instrumentality could only mean (1) “that only an actual part of the government would qualify as an instrumentality” or (2) the FCPA should be construed to encompass…

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  • SEC Sanctions Company for Whistleblower Retaliation

    … I drove my daughter to the airport today for her summer exchange program in Spain. On the way she asked me what I was going to blog about tomorrow and I told her whistleblowers. She was not familiar with that term so I explained it to her and her response was ‘Oh you mean a snitch’ which she then followed up with ‘Dad, nobody likes a tattletale…

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  • Foreign Joint Venture in China – Board of Directors

    … Seit In-Kraft-Treten des Chinesischen Gesellschaftsgesetzbuchs 2006 wurden viele Vorschriften in den Gesetzen über Foreign Joint Venture und Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise ersetzt. Dennoch bleiben die Regeln über die Gesellschaftsorgane in Foreign Joint Venture teilweise unverändert. Das steht in einer Verwaltungsvorschrift vom Obersten…

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  • Erholungsbeihilfe für Gewerkschaftsmitglieder

    … Der arbeitsrechtliche Gleichbehandlungsgrundsatz findet keine Anwendung, wenn ein Arbeitgeber mit einer Gewerkschaft im Rahmen von Tarifverhandlungen vereinbart, für deren Mitglieder bestimmte Zusatzleistungen zu erbringen. Aufgrund der Angemessenheitsvermutung von Verträgen tariffähiger Vereinigungen findet eine Überprüfung anhand des…

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  • NEUER BEITRAG AUF CPA Compliance and Ethics Blog

    …May 19, 2014 Common Sense in the Definition of ‘Instrumentality’ Under the FCPA In what can only be called a judicial decision based on common sense the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals, in an opinion released on May 16, upheld the convictions of Joel Esquenazi and Carlos Rodriguez for violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA…

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  • Deutsche Gerichtsstandsklauseln in den USA

    … betragen die Gerichtskosten einen Bruchteil deutscher Gerichtsgebühren und sind unabhängig vom Wert einer Forderung. Controlling Law, Jurisdiction. This Agreement will become effective only after it has been signed by Distributor and has been accepted by XXX at its principal place of business, and its effective date shall be the date on which…

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  • Lender Settles Nevada AG’s Suit

    …February 18, 2014 Lender Processing Services has agreed to pay $6 million to settle a lawsuit by the Nevada Attorney General that accuses it of “robosigning” mortgage documents, the Associated Press reports. The settlement includes $500,000 in attorney fees. Nevada was the only state not to accept a nationwide settlement with the company. Earlier…

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  • Getting Your Company Ready for M&A Compliance Due Diligence

    … turned to General Hood when I listened to a very interesting panel on Day 2 of the ACI FCPA Boot Camp about getting your target company ready to be scrutinized from the compliance context in mergers and acquisition (M&A) due diligence. On the panel were Alberto Orozco from PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), Joseph Burke, from Dell Inc., and Christina…

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  • Five Golden Rules of What Works – The Internal Marketing of Compliance

    … I am attending the ACI Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) Boot Camp in Houston. It is one of the best FCPA events held in Houston annually. It brings together some of the top local compliance talent, together with top national practitioners. One of the presentations was on how to tell your compliance story. It presented several interesting…

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  • Zusammenarbeit mit Handelsvertretern in den USA

    … den Weg, ihre Produkte mittels Einsatz von Handelsvertretern (Sales Representatives / Sales Agents) in den USA zu vertreiben. Bei der Vertragsgestaltung mit dem Handelsvertreter gilt es allerdings, wichtige Punkte zu beachten, die sich deutlich vom deutschen Handelsvertreterrecht unterscheiden. Ein Handelsvertreter ist per definitionem…

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  • How Straight From The Lion’s Mouth Informs Your Hotline

    … The symbol of Venice is the Lion of St. Mark. The use of this symbol led to the maxim ‘straight from the lion’s mouth’. This adage came about because the Republic of Venice had its own hotline system where citizens could report misconduct. A citizen could write down his concern on paper and literally put the message into the mouth of statues…

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  • Senders of Texts to Drivers Can Be Held Liable, Court Rules

    … A New Jersey appeals court ruled on Tuesday that a person could have a legal duty to avoid texting with someone who is driving. Disagreeing with a lower court, a panel of judges found that when a motorist is texting while driving and causes an accident, the person who was exchanging messages with the driver can also be liable for negligence…

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  • Injured robber’s lawsuit dismissed

    … PRESCOTT – Michael Lewis, who owns Mike’s Mini-Mart on Gurley Street, was found not liable by a jury in a civil court case for the injuries sustained by a man he shot during a robbery in September 2011. Scott LaFonte, 37, filed the suit after the county attorney declined to charge Lewis, 50, in the shooting. He asked for unspecified damages…

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