• Waiting for Jamaica

      209 days in the Netherlands. 541 days in Belgium. 344 days in Spain. If things go badly, the Federal Republic of Germany will soon join this record chart of protracted government formations, possibly on one of the front ranks. The exploratory talks between CDU, CSU, FDP and Greens, called for their black/yellow/green colours the "Jamaica" coalition, are still ongoing, but fro ...

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    • What I would like to ask the AfD

      Dear Friends of Verfassungsblog, The AfD has noisily taken seat in the plenary of the newly constituted 19th German Bundestag. Her maiden speech in Parliament was yet another lament how unfairly they were treated, how they were vicitimized and marginalised and mistreated by a political establishment that betrays its own democratic standards and tries to withhold from her wha ...

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    • Datenerhebung in Hotels und ihre rechtlichen Grenzen

      Keine Übernachtung in einem Hotel geht ohne Erhebung personenbezogener Daten einher. Den Hoteliers bieten sich zahlreiche Möglichkeiten der Einholung von Informationen über ihre Gäste. Grund genug, sich damit einmal aus datenschutzrechtlicher Sicht auseinanderzusetzen. Hotelbesuche, wer kennt das nicht… Der Aufenthalt beginnt bekanntlich mit dem Check-In.

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  • Schoolyard Bullies

    … of values) that fact is often neglected. Freedom of expression obliges the police, the judiciary, the legislator, but not some ordinary people who stand up and make use of their own freedom of expression, no matter how clamorous. Not only doesn’t it oblige the left, it entitles it. The Antifa has a right to do what she does (unless that is violence…

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  • Constitutional Courts in Decline

    … Dear Friends of Verfassungsblog, It is not yet clear how the poker game between Barcelona and Madrid will end, at least in the long run. But one party can already be identified as a loser: the Spanish Constitutional Court. No matter who you root for in this exceptionally confusing and dangerous conflict – the constitutional court in Madrid has…

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  • Where is the Pulse of Europe when it’s needed?

    … Remember spring? When we danced across the squares of Germany, a few hundred at first, more and more every Sunday, the blue yellow-starred flag wrapped around our shoulders, singing our joyful hearts out celebrating the beautiful daughter of Elysium, and at the same time serious, even gloomy, because the Dutch were about to take to the polls…

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  • The Party of the Extreme Normal

    … On Sunday evening we will know how many of those far-right AfD politicians will be taking place in the next Bundestag. What we already know (or do we?) is that there will be some, and not a few of them. When things get bad, they might even become the third (or… second?) strongest party group. And once inside, they will not leave anytime soon…

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  • Macron or Juncker

    … Commission President Juncker has delivered his State of the Union speech, proposing a whole list of reform and policy measures which are now being weighed and sorted and interpreted by the usual experts and, other than that, go by largely unnoticed. Even days before the national elections in the largest EU member state, the near-death…

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  • Walking out on us

    … Dear friends of Verfassungsblog, There has been a lot of walking out going on this week: German far-right leader Alice Weidel walked out of various talkshows and interviews, Hungary walked out of the circle of the EU member states who submit to the jurisdiction of the CJEU as a matter of course, and Catalonia walked out of its attachment…

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  • Newsletterversand ab 2018 – E-Mail-Marketing nach DSGVO

    … Auch in Zeiten enormer Popularität von Facebook, Twitter und Co gehören Newsletter zu den erfolgreichsten Marketing-Tools im E-Commerce. Daran wird sich auch im Jahr 2018 nichts ändern. Für frischen Wind sorgt im kommenden Jahr jedoch die Datenschutzgrundverordnung (DSGVO). Welche rechtlichen Neuerungen die DSGVO für Newsletter-Werbung bereithält, erfahren Sie im folgenden Gastbeitrag der IT Recht Kanzlei […]…

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  • Not to play along

    … Dear Friends of Verfassungsblog, In Poland, there will soon perhaps still be independent judges, but no independent judiciary. Poland can no longer be regarded a trustworthy state under the rule of law. This finding is delivered and substantiated by TOMASZ KONCEWICZ, by MATEUSZ MAZZINI and by MARCIN MATCZAK in their respective posts…

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