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  • Is Kafka kafkaesque?

    …We've had a discussion on this before: Translating Kafka / Kafka auf Englisch (see the comments too). Now, in a post on the more serious subject of Shhh... - The Justice and Security Bill, introducing secret hearings in the UK, Adam Wagner links to a video on the same topic. Meanwhile, Katy at love german books, in Michelle Woods on Re…

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  • WIPO Magazine

    … Das aktuelle WIPO Magazine (Ausgabe 02/012) ist erschienen und auf der Webseite der World Intellectual Property Organization erhältlich. Aus dem Inhalt: Publishers – the Midwives of Literature Understanding Copyright – A Life Skill Uncorking Georgia’s Winemaking Potential Panama: Three Marks…

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  • One novel, two translators/Ein Roman, zwei Übersetzer

    … novel was translated by six translators in ten days. But today I heard something funny on the Swiss literature programme Literaturclub, which was a repeat of the pre-Christmas one. I only heard the beginning and end because I was cleaning the stairs in between (kleine Hausordnung) and I didn't particularly want to hear Gert Scobel. Iris Radisch…

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  • Ferdinand von Schirach

    … seemed to me as if someone had taken a haiku and spoilt it with emotions and the author's opinions. Denis Scheck said the books are OK but they are not really literature, and their only real appeal is that they appear to reflect 'reality' (I quote from memory, and hope I am not distorting it). Take the end of the first story in Schuld: Nach…

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  • Novelist and translators discuss/Autorin-Übersetzer-Gespräch in Straelen

    …The novelist (also lawyer, and daughter of a translator) Juli Zeh has been having a discussion with her translators at the Europäisches Übersetzer-Kollegium in Straelen. One can't be sure whether the press got it right, but the Rheinische Post reports: 1. Chinese has no word for gesunder Menschenverstand (common sense). (One has one's doubts…

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  • Literary translators and cleaners/Putzfrauenprinzip für Literaturübersetzer

    … said he did not mind not being mentioned, since current literary criticism has descended to such a level that it is better not to be subjected to it. On the whole, however, Granzin concludes that no great work of foreign literature seems to have been ruined by a bad translation and it is perhaps not necessary to mention the translation in every…

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  • Brain Teaser

    … Brain Teaser [Harte Nüsse] ………… von Fall zu Fall, click@it for more details* * * von Zeit zu Zeit. Justizias Mühlen mahlen langsam, aber stetig. Manche Nüsse sind ja schwer zu knacken. Ohne den richtigen Hebel. Sehen Sie es positiv – besonders die härtesten Nüsse…

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  • Perfect Clue?

    … please click at it to see details One of my works from a series of works concerning topics of consulting, law and other professionals, used as office prints, websites, presentations – available as print as well as RFL/RM in several sizes and colours. In case of interest, please don’t hesitate to contact. Appreciate Your inspiration…

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  • Murder and manslaughter/Mord und Totschlag

    … to make a choice. It follows the predominant literature opinion that sees 212 as the basic offence and 211 as an aggravated form. This made a few additions to the text of both provisions necessary. Most of us would automatically translate Mord as murder and Totschlag as manslaughter, because of the relative weight they carry. We would do…

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  • Schiller would have twittered/Schiller würde heute vermutlich twittern

    …The director of the German Literature Archive in Marbach, Ulrich Raulff, thinks that if Schiller were alive today he would not be writing plays but blogging or twittering. He chose plays as the most media-effective form of expression of his day. Der vor 250 Jahren geborene Dichter sei ganz gezielt "als Medienunternehmer in das damals…

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  • Before decimal currency - Dickens translation/Probleme vor der Dezimalwährung

    …Charles Dickens, David Copperfield, chapter 12, Mr Micawber: Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure nineteen nineteen six, result happiness. Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure twenty pounds ought and six, result misery. Fürther Nachrichten, and possibly the German translation of Dickens - this comment…

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  • You darn fool/Sie zusammengeflickter Narr

    … literature - and translation - on the box. At least at that time, Karasek not only had a slim grasp of the English language, but he didn't take much trouble to find out what the unfamiliar terms meant, even where his interpretation did not make much sense to him. His German style was a little rocky too. The article linked above gives a full account…

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  • Perlentaucher / FAZ

    … In der Frankfurter Rundschau fasst Thierry Chevel (einer der Perlentaucher-Erfinder) die Perlentaucher-Feindlichkeit der FAZ zusammen: Fünf Artikel, zwei Prozesse (über Handakte WebLAWg) Siehe auch Die FAZ hasst den Perlentaucher, in Das Literatur-Café vom 29. Juni 2007. Perlentaucher.de is a website that summarizes and links…

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