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  • After opposing ACTA, will Poland also turn against EU Unitary Patent?

    … opposition against the adoption of a language regime according to Art. 14 EPC (DE, EN, FR) when the country was among the most reluctant countries together with Spain and Italy in the days before the decisive Council meeting of 10 December 2010. The latter two countries finally prevented a pan-European solution which, in turn, was the reason…

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  • JURI votes for EU Patent Package Today - But What Exacly is at Stake?

    …European Parliament, Strasbourg, France, Home of JURI Today's meeting of the European Parliament's Legal Affairs Committee (JURI) will see the votes on the different parts of the so called EU Patent Package. According to the draft agenda the voting time is set to 10.00 to 12.30 and will cover nine votings among which are 18. Enhanced cooperation…

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  • Some End-of-Year Observation on the EU Patent and the EU Patent Court

    …After the EU Competitiveness Council Meeting of December 2010 (see video of debate), which was celebrated as "the breakthrough after 40 years" (see earlier posting), the EU Commission now tabled its legislative proposal for enhanced cooperation to create EU-wide patent protection (press release), which is supported by at least 12 EU member states…

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  • Friday's Competitiveness Council Meeting will be Decisive for EU Patent

    … Quickenborne), the "willing" EU member states intensified the discussion on (and apparently their efforts towards) an enhanced co-operation, i.e. an EU legislative agreement among a small group of EU members to launch a diminished EU patent based on the 'Munich' three languages system, as proposed by the European Commission on 30 June 2010. Now, the EU…

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  • The Next Attempt Towards a Cheaper EU Patent - This Time Without Spain and Italy

    …Optimistic German State Secretary Peter Hintze As reported earlier on this blog, the latest (and final) attempt to reach unanimity among the 27 EU member states with regard to a common EU patent failed because of diverting attitudes among the member states towards the language regime. The disappointing result of the extraordinary Competitiveness…

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  • Belgian Compromise not Sufficient to Remove Deadlock on EU Patent Language Regime

    …Refering to an article on the well informed EurActiv network, the meeting of the Competitiveness Council held in Luxembourg on 11 and 12 October 2010 did not bring any improvement to the deadlock between the trilingiual language regime proposed by the EU Commission, as supported by e.g. France and Germany, and alternative solution, such as a monolingual (exclusively based on English) or…

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