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  • The Unitary Patent - After the Game is before the Game

    …Sepp Herberger was the manager of the German nation soccer team that won the 1954 World Cup by a miraculous 3-2 final win over Hungay, the undisputed favourite and unbeaten for nearly 5 years. This match, in Germany renowned as the "miracle of Bern", not only has a solid position among national myths and legends but has also been considered…

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  • Anti-Software-Patent Campaigners count on François Hollande

    …In our today's article "Anti-Patent Campaigners put their trust in François Hollande as EU Council attends to Unitary Patent Court again" on the ksnh::law blog we attend to the reopening of negotiations on the Unitary Patent Court on next week's Competitive Council meeting on May 31/June 1 (see draft agenda, item 19) and the influence anti-software…

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  • IP Sceptical Pirate Party on the Rise in Germany

    …The German Pirate Party (“Piratenpartei”) is well known amongst IP professionals for their sceptic stance on the current state of copyright and patent law. On the ksnh::law blog we recently issued two postings titled "Pirate Party Winning Seats In Parliament Of Saarland, Germany" and "Political Turmoil in Germany: Piratenpartei" sketching…

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  • Will Unified Patent Court be Trifucated?

    …, the most promising candidates to host the Central Division are Paris, London and Munich: Intriguingly, the Danes have floated a possible sharing compromise, that is to say that there could be three Central Divisions, or perhaps more accurately, a co-located Central Division. Unfortunately, the article does not cite any source for this interesting…

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  • German Patent Law Capacities Divided Over Articles 6 to 9 of the Unitary Patnet Regulation

    … Krasser, CIPA), industry representatives (e.g. ICC, IP Federation), and a few politicians (e.g. JURI member Cecilia Wikström (SE, ALDE) [1, 2, 3] and UK IP Minister Baroness Wilcox), all of which demanding Articles 6 to 8/9 to be removed from the Regulation to prevent substantive patent law from becoming subject to review by the European Court of Justice via referral questions according to Article 267 TFEU.…

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  • IP Enforcement Efforts in the European Union

    … into IP enforcemebt agency Chasing the Intermediaries Obsession with IP enforcement Proposal for EU regulation for customs enforcement of IP rights ACTA. (cf. ksnh::law [1], [2], [3]) While ACTA requires in Art. 2 § 1 that Each Party [i.e. Acta member state] shall give effect to the provisions of this Agreement. A Party may implement in its law more…

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  • EU Patent Package Still Under Construction While Italy Joins Unified Patent Court

    … Of The Lesser Problems Of EU Unitary Patent Project: Relation To Brussels I", and Critical Position Paper of International IP Federation FICPI on Unitary Patent and Unified Patent Court, inter alia reporting on FICPI's prosition towards the controversial representation issue. Despite the atmoshere of an (almost) done deal, it is more than likely…

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