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  • The Essence of Privacy, and Varying Degrees of Intrusion

    … the intrusion in question as falling under the notion of the essence of privacy – something the European Court of Human Rights has never done under the privacy provision of ECHR Article 8, and b) the identification of an intrusion as compromising the essence of privacy meant that there was no need for a proportionality assessment under Article 52…

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  • Schrems v. Commissioner: A Biblical Parable of Judicial Power

    … David v. Goliath Even before his big win at the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) on Tuesday, Maximillian Schrems’ seemingly quixotic campaign against the giants of America’s shadowy security-complex and Internet service sector had attracted colorful allusions to the biblical tale of David and Goliath. It’s a good story, except…

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  • How to Leave the Euro More or Less Legally

    … out to be quite a historic decision: relations between England and the rest of Europe have never been quite the same since.) In similar fashion, it is argued today that as Greece was admitted originally to the eurozone under false accounting pretences, its membership of the single currency has been a living lie and therefore could be annulled…

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  • Looking for the ‘Justice’ in EU civil and private law?

    … to be the Internal Market with justice issues hiding in the back ground and presented mainly under the heading ‘access to justice’ rather than the content of the law itself. Often I tried to explain to parliamentary colleagues from other committees the crucial nature of what I thought we were doing, or maybe could do. I watched as their eyes glazed over, my…

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  • Justice within and between Polities

    … It is not an easy task to talk about a topic like Europe’s justice deficit. As the book we are going to discuss is on Europe and edited by lawyers, I should feel comfortable. But it has such an enormous range. It addresses Europe as a whole in a perspective which is both under-theorised and under-discussed. Via a question mark, authored…

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  • How just is the EU, or: is there a ‘new’ European deficit?

    … Let us face it: the EU affects the lives of many people in ways they perceive as profoundly unjust. Lives are dramatically affected by the policies of austerity, widely understood to be EU-imposed. With the Court of Justice appearing to stand for its own authority and EU autonomy at any cost; with migrants attempting to reach fortress Europe…

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  • “Italian-style” secession and the semi-indifference of national politics

    … While elsewhere in Europe independence through secession from a sovereign state is deemed to be an issue that touches upon the very foundation of the constitutional pact, of living together,[i] in Italy it does not raise any public discussion beyond academic and judicial circles.[ii] As if, by downgrading the constitutional essence…

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  • Nudging as a Common Practice in International Aid

    … When asked last week by Alexandra Kemmerer and Maximilan Steinbeis to submit a comment on nudging, I accepted at short notice. My small contributing message to this debate is that nudging plays an important role in aid politics. Substantially, there are parallel debates going on, and you might find some of the insights useful by means…

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  • The UK’s general election: a fundamental change to UK/EU relations?

    … The result of the current British election campaign could be crucial for the future of the UK’s relations with the European Union. Every UK-wide election party which is likely to win seats in the election has now released its election manifesto, namely: the Conservatives;Labour; Liberal Democrats; UKIP; and the Greens. It’s therefore a good…

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  • Warum Juristen sich mit „Nudges” beschäftigen sollten

    … in der Ökonomie oder der Psychologie undenkbar wäre. Auch wenn die „Nudging“-Debatte ein Spätankömmling ist, ist es wichtig, dass sie endlich in der deutschen Rechtswissenschaft angekommen ist. Würde die Rechtswissenschaft sich nicht mit dem Thema beschäftigen, würde es wahrscheinlich vollkommen dem Experimentierfeld des politischen Pragmatismus…

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  • A Design Perspective on Nudging

    … Although design thinking has become a buzzword in business and although human-centered design approaches are being explored in a range of public innovation labs concerned with developing and delivering citizen-centric policies and public services, nudging is rarely discussed for its design implications. What would such a discussion contribute…

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  • Pfadabhängigkeiten des Nudging, und wie sie überwunden werden können

    … In ihrem Kommentar zur Legitimität des Nudging geben Towfigh und Traxler einen wichtigen Denkanstoß und weisen zu Recht darauf hin, dass Nudging über eine Vielzahl an Facetten verfügt. Daraus ergibt sich, dass jeder Aspekt des Nudging im Einzelnen auf seine Legitimität hin überprüft werden muss. In Antwort auf Towfighs und Traxlers Kommentar…

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