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  • Conditionality through the lens of the CJEU: a “blurry” view

    … From the very beginning of the Eurozone crisis, conditionality progressively entered into the vocabulary and the normative sphere of the EU economic governance. At the time of the first assistance package to Greece, conditionality was just an emergency tool set in the bilateral Loan Agreements, signed by Greece and other Members States. However…

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  • Chronos and Kairos of Constitutionalism – The Polish case

    … constitutive part, should not defy the structure of time. This distinction bares on the way in which we should understand any change of a constitution that claims to belong to free and equal citizens. This is not only a purely scholarly debate. On March 9th 2016, during the proceeding on the so-called ‘reparative’ December act on the Constitutional…

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  • In the shadow of sovereign debt conditionality: the rise of spending conditionality in the EU

    … Commission Economic Papers series, No 510 of December 2013, pp. 31-35. [8] See, S. Verhelst, ‘Cohesion Policy and Sound Economic Governance’, 3 The Polish Quarterly of International Affairs (2014) 113-126. SUGGESTED CITATION Vita, Viorica: In the shadow of sovereign debt conditionality: the rise of spending conditionality in the EU, VerfBlog, 2016/6/30, http://verfassungsblog.de/in-the-shadow-of-sovereign-debt-conditionality-the-rise-of-spending-conditionality-in-the-eu/. …

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  • The EU General Data Protection Regulation: Powerful Tool for Data Subjects?

    … powers for concretion through the Commission’s delegated acts have been cancelled during the trilogue negotiations –, the GPDR can be regarded as a striking result of a legislative procedure that will not be tackled in the near future. SUGGESTED CITATION Peuker, Enrico; Fröhlich, Wiebke: The EU General Data Protection Regulation: Powerful Tool for Data Subjects?, VerfBlog, 2016/6/22, http://verfassungsblog.de/the-eu-general-data-protection-regulation-powerful-tool-for-data-subjects/. …

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  • Time to Overcome TTIP’s Many Informational Asymmetries

    … Over the centuries, the negotiation of international agreements, in particular trade agreements, has traditionally remained highly confidential and sheltered from public attention. Up until today, parties to these agreements typically invoke confidentiality so as to preserve tactical decisions and build mutual trust. Yet the negotiations…

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  • Transformation of EU Constitutionalism

    … and the possible way ahead. It asks what exactly the EU constitutionalism, as a dominant narrative of European integration, has (d)evolved into and what can be done to fix its fissures? Can you still remember the EU constitutionalism’s glory days? Those times when the EU, albeit unwritten, legal constitution was taken for granted? The doctrines of primacy…

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