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  • Election Day – Just Who is a Foreign Government Official?

    … for today’s blog is this – doesn’t it make more sense for companies to prohibit all forms of bribery both commercial bribery (improper payment made with the corrupt intent to a private, rather than a governmental, person, company, or other entity in order to receive a business advantage) and governmental bribery? The U.K. Bribery Act takes this stance…

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  • FCPA: To Give or Not To Give and If So How, Under the FCPA

    … Compliance Symposium there was a panel discussion on gifts that raised some interesting approaches. Rules Based Approach One company had a fairly typical US rules based approach which set the dollar value of gifts and entertainment in two general categories; they are gifts and entertainment for foreign governmental officials and gifts…

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  • How Does the FCPA Apply to Your Business?

    … Auszug aus dem FCPA Compliance and Ethics Blog von Thomas Fox, USA. Es wird aufgezeigt, dass es mehr Schnittsellen für international tätige Unternehmen zum Foreign Corrupt Practices Act gibt als manch einer glauben möchte und daher die Thematik FCPA leichtfertig missachtet: One question that I often hear about the application of the Foreign…

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