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  • Election Day – Just Who is a Foreign Government Official?

    … Recipient,Department of Justice,FCPA,Governmental Official,Haitian Telecom,Mary Jones — tfoxlaw @ 1:01 am Tags: best practices, Department of Justice, DOJ, FCPA, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, Mary Shaddock Jones © by Mary Shaddock Jones …

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  • FCPA: To Give or Not To Give and If So How, Under the FCPA

    … Compliance Symposium there was a panel discussion on gifts that raised some interesting approaches. Rules Based Approach One company had a fairly typical US rules based approach which set the dollar value of gifts and entertainment in two general categories; they are gifts and entertainment for foreign governmental officials and gifts…

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  • How Does the FCPA Apply to Your Business?

    … With the Government Than You Think”. In this chapter Aaron gives several examples of how any US company doing business overseas will come into contact with a foreign governmental official and, thereby, create a possible FCPA liability. These interactions include some of the following examples: Interactions with Customs Officials. Every time your company…

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