Global Warming

  • Int'l Press Review: Oceans may explain slowdown in climate change

    …(Reuters) - Climate change could get worse quickly if huge amounts of extra heat absorbed by the oceans are released back into the air, scientists said after unveiling new research showing that oceans have helped mitigate the effects of warming since 2000. ...…

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  • Fact check: has global warming paused?

    … Since the onset of the industrial age (from 1750 AD) Earth’s atmosphere, surface and ocean temperatures have warmed. This is mainly due to the rise in greenhouse gases (CO2, CH4, N2O, O3, halocarbons, stratospheric water vapour from CH4) by a total of +3.06 Watt/m2. Other drivers include black carbon (+0.1 Watt/m2) and solar irradiance – the latter…

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  • Int'l Press Review: Lawmakers Release Carbon Emissions Tax Plan

    …(New York Times) - Almost exactly four years after unveiling his doomed cap-and-trade proposal to deal with global warming, Representative Henry Waxman, Democrat of California, released a new plan on Tuesday to address climate change and federal budget woes: a tax on carbon emissions. ...…

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  • Kommentar: Steuergelder für die Erderwärmung

    … kostenlos zugeteilt bekommen. Vor diesem Hintergrund hat das Bundeskabinett heute eine Strompreiskompensation für die energieintensive Industrie beschlossen. Obwohl bei dem G-20 Gipfel in Pittsburgh im Jahr 2009 die Mitgliedstaaten mit der Stimme von Frau Merkel beschlossen haben, die Subventionen im fossilen Energiesektor zu senken, geschieht in der…

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  • Time for gradual emissions cuts is over: climate experts

    …• By Sunanda Creagh, The Conversation • Time has run out for governments to reduce carbon emissions gradually and only drastic reform can keep catastrophic global warming at bay, a panel of climate change experts said on Friday. Speaking ahead of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change Conference COP (Conference of Parties) 18, which opens…

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