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  • Die Rettung des Schweizer Käses durch die Härteklausel

    … In der FAZ vom Donnerstag findet sich ein erwiderungsbedürftiger Kommentar von Kay Hailbronner: Nur weil der EuGH entschieden hat, dass Sprachtests für nachzugswillige türkische Ehegatten unverhältnismäßig sind, müssen wir in Deutschland doch noch lange nichts ändern. Alles prima, wie es ist – eine Position, die der Prozessvertreter des BMI den…

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  • Should academic lawyers blog?

    … As an academic lawyer who writes his own blog, as well as contributing occasionally to others, my answer to the question “Should academic lawyers blog?” is, perhaps unsurprisingly, “Yes”. However, I was recently prompted—by agreeing to talk about blogging at a conference on the teaching of public law held at City Law School earlier this week…

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  • Cricket in Germany

    …. And yet it seems cricket is on the up in Germany. See Howzat? in The Local. Details of the organization of clubs in Germany can be found in Wikipedia. This is a rather thin post, but further reading can be found in André Leslie: Batting for Berlin - the author is an Australian cricketer who moved to Berlin. This charming tale uncovers…

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  • Waldorf Frommer mahnt ab: “Britney Spears – Britney Jean (Deluxe Version)”

    … Die Dame selbst ist zwar derzeit für 100 Shows in Las Vegas beschäftigt, aber ihre Plattenfirma kümmert sich derweil um das Wesentliche: Im Auftrag der Sony Music Entertainment Germany GmbH mahnt die Münchner Kanzlei Waldorf Frommer derzeit die unerlaubte Verbreitung des Werkes “Britney Jean” der amerikanischen Sängerin Britney Spears ab…

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  • The form of certified translations

    …Richard Schneider has posted a guide on how to prepare certified translations in Germany: Von Schuppen und Ösen. It's in German but with illustrations. Here's a summary of the main headings 1. The stamp and signature should be blue rather than black. (I definitely use blue stamp ink, but agree it would make sense to do the signature in blue biro…

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  • Schleierfahndung

    …When the word Schleierfahndung first began to be used, I tried to pin down its meaning for a translation (I don't seem to have blogged it, though - this was in the mid-90s, which predates the blog). The phenomenon seems similar to 'stop and search' - stopping and searching people although there is no reason to suspect them. There have been calls…

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  • Problems of moving from one country to another

    …The heading of this blog should now say 'no longer in Fürth', unfortunately. But I will get round to that one day, I hope. Curious factoids: 1. In the UK you can order postage stamps online from various places, but only Royal Mail can send you 88p stamps - the standard for the EU. Another service refers to these stamps as 'weird and wonderful…

  • St. Jude's Day Storm/Orkantief "Christian"

    …. Jude's Day storm', whereas in Germany it was 'Orkantief Christian'. The Daily Telegraph remarks that in the UK we don't name storms: Laura Young of the Met Office said it wasn’t them. “We don’t actually know where it has come from,” she said. “We don’t name storms in the UK. It could have been Americans who named it and it was reported…

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  • Haribo

    … I saw the heading in the Guardian online: 'Haribo: an addict's story', I knew there must be a German behind it. And of course, it is Philip Oltermann, apparently now living in Berlin. I've written about Oltermann's book here before too. I think it is all very well for him to write about Germany for the Guardian, but should he be praising a firm…

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  • Plums, damsons, Zwetschgen and peaches

    …I know fruit and vegetable terminology is really confusing. We have a Polyglot Vegetarian, but where is the polyglot fruitarian? For years I have known that Zwetschge is difficult to translate into English. The standard exemplar is sweet and can be eaten raw. It is commonly translated as damson because of its small size. But a damson is small…

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  • Cat-ladder in prison/JVA Aichach Katzenleiter

    …Many years ago I found this story, I think in Stern, about men prisoners feeding cats in the Aichach prison: Fortunately I have found my old copy and sent it to Jimmy's Catladder blog. I can't find anything about it now. Possibly the ladders have gone. I think the big windows at the ends of blocks are the kitchens where the prisoners can make…

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