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    …I haven't had much time lately so to keep something on offer I'd like to refer to some of the best links on my site. I am afraid some of the items on the blogroll are dead, but some aren't. For legal translation: The Centre for German Legal Information calls itself 'the gateway to German law in English'. I normally use it to find translations…

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  • Law Firm for English-German Legal Issues

    … The Munich based law firm Graf & Partners provides its international clientele with professional advice in the areas of business, corporate and inheritance law. The firm is particularly strong in German-British and German-US cross border legal advice, e.g. drafting of cross-border agreements and the handling of German-English probate issues…

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  • German laws in english language

    … entrepreneurs looking for information about German law and on how to do business in Germany may also find these links helpful. The bilingual brochure “Continental Law” (free download here), published by the German Law Societies explains the basic principles of Continental Law (in particular the German and French legal systems) and argues…

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