• Der Countdown läuft – Nur noch 6 Monate bis zur DSGVO

    … Seit dem 25. November 2017 verbleiben nur noch sechs Monate, bis das neue europäische Datenschutzrecht, die Datenschutz-Grundverordnung (DS-GVO), wirksam wird. Das Bayerische Landesamt für Datenschutzaufsicht (BayLDA) bietet deshalb einen Online-Test für Unternehmen und andere Verantwortliche an, durch den diese in einer spielerischen Datenschutz-Reise quer durch die EU selbst prüfen können, wie weit sie auf dem […]…

    Martin Henfling/ Datenschutzblog 29- 48 Leser -

  • Change is Coming in Ireland: Implementing the GDPR

    … With the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) less than a year away from implementation, Ireland’s Data Protection Commission could quickly become one of the busiest in Europe. New rules dictating that multinationals can treat any supervisory authority as their single regulating body may lead to Google, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn…

    Jessica Richter/ 41 Leser -
  • Japan on Its Way to Data Protection Adequacy?

    … Data transfers to countries outside the European Economic Area are only legal if –in addition to the requirement of a legal basis or the data subject’s consent– an adequate level of data protection in that country can be guaranteed. One way this can be achieved is an Adequacy Decision of the European Commission. The Commission has in the past…

    Wiebke Kummer/ 85 Leser -
  • Data Protection in the era of Brexit

    … One of the most controversial matters to be addressed within the context of Brexit, has created uncertainty in the data protection realm. Although United Kingdom is leaving the European Union, there seems to be a general consensus to maintain constant data flows between the UK and the EU. On August 24 2017, the UK government published…

    Lyz Veronica Llamas/ 91 Leser -
  • The Data Protection Officer in Europe

    … The EU Regulation 2016/679 on the protection of personal data (GDPR) repealing Directive 95/46/EC focusses, among the others, on a particular topic that will be governed by new specific and more consistent rules: the Data Protection Officer (DPO). This figure is already well known to European companies and institutions, but the GDPR finally…

    Francesca Romana Di Costanzo/ 39 Leser -
  • E -Privacy Regulation: Nine flaws that should be corrected

    …The draft E-Privacy Regulation (EPR) that the European Commission published in January contains a number of flaws that will, hopefully, be addressed and corrected. Nine flaws can be clearly identified, chances are that there are futher flaws that need to be pinpointed and discussed. Art. 5 – Protection against communication instead of protection of communication […]…

    Niko Härting/ Blog- 69 Leser -
  • Article 29 WP will release guidelines on the GDPR by the end of 2016

    … 28. Oktober 2016 As Bloomber reports, the Article 29 WP will provide guidance on the GDPR soon. Isabelle Falque-Pierrotin, Chairwoman of the CNIL as well as of the Article 29 WP, acknowledged that the GDPR text is ambiguous in some aspects. Therefore, these guidelines aim at serving as an operational toolbox. Amongst others, the guidance… 66 Leser -

  • Prep for the GDPR 101 – In-house crash course in one lesson

    … Finally, the EU General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2016/679, “GDPR”) is coming. Following a long lasting process of negotiations, two months ago the European legislator proposed the new privacy framework for Europe – and anyone doing business in Europe. So, how much time is left for your business to comply with the new rules…

    David Klein/ Kleinblog | David Klein- 49 Leser -
  • Die Datenwoche im Datenschutz (KW23 2016)

    … klagen >>> Singapurs Beamte vom Internet ausgesperrt). Montag, 6. Juni 2016 What will mandatory DPOs [Data Protection Officers] look like under the GDPR? Germany could tell you. One of the biggest game-changers in the new EU General Data Protection Regulation is that it will force many businesses across the bloc to appoint a data…

    Sebastian Kraska/ Datenschutzbeauftragter Online- 82 Leser -
  • Die Datenwoche im Datenschutz (KW22 2016)

    … in Europe’s Tough Privacy Rules). Montag, 30. Mai 2016 Providerhaftung & WLAN: Regierung möchte Störerhaftung abschaffen und schafft das Gegenteil.… *** Mittwoch, 1. Juni 2016 EU und USA unterzeichnen Rahmenabkommen zum Datenschutz. Mit der Vereinbarung über den Datenschutz bei der transatlantischen Zusammenarbeit von…

    Sebastian Kraska/ Datenschutzbeauftragter Online- 79 Leser -
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