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  • How not to Divorce Muslim Women in India

    … Five years ago, during an extended tea break in Cambridge’s architecturally underwhelming University Library, a grad school friend of mine observed that her research topic, the Uniform Civil Code in India, evoked mixed reaction in our otherwise ideologically streamlined friendship circle (left-liberal to far left, no surprises here). Most of us…

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  • Reviewing the recent Ban on Ritual Slaughter in Flanders

    … to freedom of religion. Animal welfare in this regard takes the form of stunning animals, thereby attempting to lessen their suffering while being slaughtered. The cause of tension becomes clear when one considers that many adherents of Islam and Judaism follow interpretations that question whether the act of stunning is compatible with religious precepts…

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  • Triple Talaq before the Indian Supreme Court

    … Shayara Bano, 35, a mother of two was unilaterally divorced by her husband of 15 years, Rizwan Ahmed, when she was visiting her parents in October 2015. The news came to her by post in the form of a talaqnama. Since then she has not been allowed to see her children. The only evidence of the divorce was the note she received from her husband…

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  • Afghanistan’s Constitution between Sharia Law and International Human Rights

    … community was outraged. In a strongly worded letter to President Karzai, the German pope appealed for Rahman’s pardoning. Silvio Berlusconi immediately clothed the Holy See’s words––perhaps confusing the appeal with a papal bull––into the material threat of withdrawing Italian troops from Afghanistan. With disarming bluntness, the American foreign…

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  • The CJEU’s headscarf decisions: Melloni behind the veil?

    … it did in its headscarf rulings. Thus it came that the CJEU determined, for the entire EU and in considerable detail, the correct balance between the two individual rights that were implicated, that is, the right not to be discriminated against on the basis of religion and the freedom to conduct a business. Admittedly, the application…

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  • Der Burkini als Technological Fix

    … Während in ersten öffentlichen Bädern in Deutschland und der Schweiz Burkinis verboten worden sind, befand der Europäische Gerichtshof für Menschenrechte am 10. Januar 2017, dass der Burkini ein Mittel sein kann, die Teilnahme muslimischer Kinder am koedukativen Schwimmunterricht zu ermöglichen. Der schonende Interessenausgleich, der so erreicht…

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  • Can private undertakings hide behind “religious neutrality”?

    … because she refuses to remove her veil at work. In the third case, Liga van Moskeeën, the Court is asked whether Regulation 1099/2009 on the protection of animals at the time of killing leaves sufficient room for ritual slaughter to be consistent with the freedom of religion as enshrined in Article 10 of the Charter and Article 9 of the ECHR…

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  • Islam on the Beach – The Burkini Ban in France

    … In 1964, a young woman wearing a monokini played table tennis on the Croisette, the famous road along the shore in the city of Cannes. She was sentenced for outraging public decency. Half a century later, the mayor of Cannes just banned on his beaches the burkini, a full-body swimsuit weared by some Muslim women. Some other coastal cities…

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  • Kopftuchverbot am Arbeitsplatz als Diskriminierung

    … je nach den jeweiligen Regeln der betreffenden Religion und dem Maß der Betätigung der einzelnen Person dieses oder jenes Element für diese Person nicht zwingend und daher verhandelbar sein. Doch wäre die Annahme gänzlich verfehlt, dass zwar das Geschlecht und die Hautfarbe jeden Menschen überall hin begleiten, seine Religion jedoch nicht…

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