Federal Appeals Court

  • Int'l Press Review: D.C. appeals court upholds EPA regulations to fight global warming

    …(Washington Post) - A federal appeals court on Tuesday upheld the Environmental Protection Agency’s finding that greenhouse gases contribute to global warming and are a threat to public health, a major victory for the Obama administration and a setback to states and trade groups that oppose government regulations on carbon emissions.…

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  • USA – Gerichtsstand für die Welt

    … Exxon Hit by Reversal in Human-Rights Case (sub. req.) Wall Street Journal | July 9, 2011 A federal appeals court on Friday reinstated a lawsuit by Indonesian villagers that seeks to hold Exxon Mobil Corp. liable for alleged killings and torture committed by Indonesian soldiers guarding its natural-gas operations in the country’s Aceh province. In Deutschland wäre derartiges nicht möglich, es fehlen hierfür die Rechtsgrundlagen. …

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  • Anti-feminist lawyer’ sues nightclubs for gender discrimination on ‘Ladies Nights’

    … Es leben die lächerlichsten US-Klagen der letzten Wochen: Lola can still get into the Copa for free. A federal appeals court this morning upheld “Ladies’ Nights” promotions at the Copacabana and other city nightclubs. The Second Circuit Court of Appeals in Manhattan rejected claims by “anti-feminist lawyer” Roy Den Hollander that charging men…

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  • US-Patentrecht betreff Software

    … for a bailout. A federal appeals court decision, In re Bilski, rendered a multitude of business-method patents illegitimate, and the Supreme Court’s decision in the case, which could come as soon as next week, could cause even greater damage. The United State Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), at least, seems to be anticipating a more restrictive…

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  • United States v. Comprehensive Drug Testing, Inc.

    … In einer sehr interessanten Entscheidung hat der 9te Federal Appeals Court eine sehr detaillierte “Arbeitsanweisung” im Umgang mit elektronisch gespeicherten Informationen (ESI) gegeben. Dieser Entscheidung wird von verschiedenen Autoren ein hoher Stellenwert eingeräumt, da sich eine wirkliche Veränderung bei der Art und Weise der Datensammlung…

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  • Knapp

    … and awaiting trial in federal district court in Miami on terrorism-related charges, was entitled to a criminal defendant's full range of protections, including the right to a speedy trial. [NY Times]…

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  • Avery Dennison verliert Streit um Domainnamen

    … Raising the bar on trademark protection, a U.S. federal appeals court has ruled that the Avery and Dennison trademarks of the office products company Avery Dennison Corp. are not famous enough to prevent another company from registering them with the .net domain. [...] To successfully claim trademark dilution, a company must prove that its…

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