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Die Europäische Union (EU) ist ein Staatenverbund mit heute 28 Mitgliedstaaten in Europa. Seine Bevölkerung umfasst über eine halbe Milliarde Einwohner. Der von den EU-Mitgliedstaaten gebildete Europäische Binnenmarkt ist der am Bruttoinlandsprodukt gemessen größte gemeinsame Markt der Welt.Seit dem Vertrag von Lissabon besitzt die Europäische Union eine eigene Rechtspersönlichkeit und verfügt seither über ein Rede- und Einsichtsrecht bei den Vereinten Nationen.
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  • New Forces for the Greek State: Comments on Comments

    … We are grateful to all contributors for their insightful comments and constructive critique. Greece, like the cases of Hungary and Poland, make it clear that in the EU we need to discuss thoroughly not only our common European institutions, but also each other’s institutions. The pointed commentary published on Verfassungsblog over the last…

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  • Against Renationalization

    … of a legitimacy, which cannot arise only from Greek society and establishment. If it would be so, we would not need any action. But which legitimacy, now, we can resort to? I think that the answer could be found in an approach which would mark, at the same time, a step forwards in the European integration. In fact, some countries – not just Greece, indeed…

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  • All we need is Trust: Conditions are not a Means of Punishment

    … Let us go back to spring 2010. Pressure rose against the European institutions to send a rescue package to Greece, which had discovered shortly before to be unable to re-finance its debt in the markets. The German government (in a strange post-election turmoil) showed some resistance (rightly) based on Art. 125 (1) TFEU (Art. 136 (3) TFEU did…

    Matthias Ruffert/ Verfassungsblog- 48 Leser -
  • Institution-Building in Greece. On the Risk of “Double Loyalty”

    … civil servants as well as to strengthen the National School of Public Administration and Local Government. SUGGESTED CITATION De Lucia, Luca: Institution-Building in Greece. On the Risk of “Double Loyalty”, VerfBlog, 2017/3/10,, DOI: …

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  • The Greek Diaspora and the Reform of the Greek State

    …. However, little progress can be registered in this front. A couple of millennia ago, an ingenious Greek said, “Give me a place to stand, and I will move the earth”. Until now, those who try to implement reforms that may lead Greece out of its crisis have been standing in Greece. But there, the very structures that need to be reformed continually…

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  • State building in Greece

    … Von Bogdandy and Ioannidis make a radical proposal for the institutional reform in Greece that has to be thoroughly studied by the European institutions. The travails of the country seem to have no end. Even though Greece avoided imminent collapse and civil unrest in 2015, the reform process has not reached the threshold of irreversibility…

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  • New Forces for Greek State Reform

    … The specter of Grexit is again haunting Europe. The bailout program that Greece agreed with its creditors in 2015 is again stalled and the disbursement of the next tranche is once more postponed. The ongoing negotiations focus mainly on economic reforms and the sustainability of Greek debt. Yet the problems of Greece are not only financial…

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