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Die Europäische Union (EU) ist ein Staatenverbund mit heute 28 Mitgliedstaaten in Europa. Seine Bevölkerung umfasst über eine halbe Milliarde Einwohner. Der von den EU-Mitgliedstaaten gebildete Europäische Binnenmarkt ist der am Bruttoinlandsprodukt gemessen größte gemeinsame Markt der Welt.Seit dem Vertrag von Lissabon besitzt die Europäische Union eine eigene Rechtspersönlichkeit und verfügt seither über ein Rede- und Einsichtsrecht bei den Vereinten Nationen.
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  • New Forces for the Greek State: Comments on Comments

    …. Nevertheless, we do seem important advantages in measures that also address and invite the diaspora to join forces with those laboring to strengthen Greek institutions within the country. Brain drain, the immigration of highly-qualified workers, has become a defining element of the crisis not only Greece, but also in other countries such as Spain…

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  • Against Renationalization

    … before our eyes. While the financial crisis is still far away from a convincing solution, poverty is growing in many countries, betraying the original promise that the European integration would make societies more homogeneous and each of them more wealthy and just. The response to this disappointing state of affairs has been a strong revival…

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  • All we need is Trust: Conditions are not a Means of Punishment

    … of government, the lending States have no strong means to induce the necessary institutional reforms for structural change. The Greek case is such a difficult one because the effects of the financial crisis mix with deeply rooted structural problems. What is most needed to relaunch sound integration of that country into the EU and also the Eurozone is mutual…

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  • The Strain of the New Forces

    … At first glance, the proposal to introduce into institutional operation new forces in key positions in administration and the courts sounds reasonable. At a second glance, also so. Greece has a problem with its institutions, a fact admitted even by the government of that country. There is no guarantee of correct implementation of EU law…

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  • Institution-Building in Greece. On the Risk of “Double Loyalty”

    … The added value of the proposal by Armin von Bogdandy and Michael Ioannidis lies in that it deals with the serious problem of the Greek institutions’ weakness in implementing reforms. The authors come up with a concrete and intelligent idea, which goes beyond the narrow-minded perspective of economic austerity. However, the proposal should…

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  • The Greek Diaspora and the Reform of the Greek State

    … of meritocracy not only creates a state apparatus that is inefficient and unproductive, it also leads many of Greece’s most creative and competent minds to the diaspora. It has often been pointed out that fiscal measures alone will not solve the Greek crisis and will not lead to sustainable growth, if they are not accompanied by profound structural reforms…

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  • State building in Greece

    …. The proposal by von Bogdandy and Ioannidis can be a watershed moment for the management of the crisis, if properly implemented. Otherwise, it will be another lost chance for successful state-building in Greece, and the responsibility for the failure will be shared between the Greek governments and the European institutions. Because by now, the Union should know better. …

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  • New Forces for Greek State Reform

    … to a rule-of-law problem. The European institutions, the IMF, and the Greek government all agree that the law in Greece often lacks steering power and that institutions are too weak. Already since the beginning of the crisis, the Greek bailout packages recognized this institutional dimension of the crisis. In 2011, the European Commission…

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