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Das Europäische Parlament (auch Europaparlament oder EU-Parlament) mit Sitz in Straßburg ist das Parlament der Europäischen Union (Art. 14 EU-Vertrag). Seit 1979 wird es alle fünf Jahre in allgemeinen, unmittelbaren, freien, geheimen Europawahlen von den Bürgern der EU gewählt. Damit ist das Europäische Parlament nicht nur das einzige direkt gewählte Organ der Europäischen Union, sondern die einzige direkt gewählte supranationale Institution weltweit. Da es unmittelbar die europäische Bevölkerung repräsentiert, kann es als die Bürgerkammer der EU bezeichnet werden (neben dem Rat der Europäischen Union als Staatenkammer).
Artikel zum Thema European Parliament
  • Is the European Parliament Missing its Constitutional Moment?

    … Over the years, step by step, the European Parliament has won a share of real constitutional power. At times, as in 1984 with the Spinelli Draft Treaty and in 2002-03 in the Convention on the Future of Europe, Parliament has had a decisive influence on the constitutive development of the European Union. At other times, MEPs have found it just…

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  • The EU General Data Protection Regulation: Powerful Tool for Data Subjects?

    … Against All Odds – The Adoption of the General Data Protection Regulation Two months ago, the European Parliament and the Council have enacted the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as the result of a 4 years running legislative procedure. For a long time, it was uncertain whether the regulation could be passed at all: Not only…

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  • Guys with Guns vs. Guys with Reports: Egyptian and Hungarian Comparisons

    … In Egypt, the military just ousted the democratically elected president of the country and suspended the new constitution. In Hungary, the European Parliament just adopted a report, which harshly denounces the new Fundamental Law enacted by the two-third majority governing coalition of the country. Both events are different in many respects…

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  • In Praise of the Tavares Report: Europe finally said No to Viktor Orbán

    … Today Europe acted to hold the Hungarian government to the constitutional values that it eagerly endorsed when it joined the European Union nearly a decade ago. The action came in the form of the Tavares Report, which sailed through the European Parliament with many votes to spare. The report provides a bill of particulars against the Fidesz…

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  • EU drafting

    …At both conferences we were recommended to look at the EU drafting guidelines: Joint practical guide of the European Parliament, the Council and the Commission for persons involved in the drafting of legislation within the Community institutions . As Eleanor Sharpston, the UK Advocate General, said today with a smile, who could possibly object…

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  • Int'l Press Review: Carbon falls as EU rejects fix

    …(The Economic Times) - European Union politicians rejected a plan to prop up the world's biggest carbon market on Tuesday, sending it plunging to a new record low and raising questions about its survival. After months of bitter debate, a plenary session of European Parliament ...…

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  • Int'l Press Review: Emissions trading scheme: EU committee passes 'rescue' reforms

    …(The Guardian) - ... A key committee of the European parliament judged in favour of the reforms on Tuesday, meaning that they will move on to be debated by the whole parliament, probably in April. However, it was unclear on Tuesday whether there would be an additional stage of scrutiny before the parliamentary vote, during which time the measures could be watered down. ...…

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