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  • EU Climate Change Committee agrees back-loading

    …(European Commission) - On 8 January 2014, the EU Climate Change Committee discussed and agreed the draft amendment of the EU ETS Auctioning Regulation on back-loading. The Committee, in which all Member States are represented, endorsed the European Commission's proposal of making the back-loading volume for 2014…

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  • EU Commission publishes guidance for state intervention in electricity

    …(LEXEGESE) - On 5 November 2013, the European Commission has presented a Communication which gives guidance to Member States on how to make the most of public interventions, how to reform existing ones - especially renewable energy subsidy schemes - and how to effectively design new ones. This concerns back-up capacities for renewable…

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  • EU-Konzessionsrichtlinie: Nun doch ohne Wasserversorgung

    …), die Bundestagsfraktionen von SPD, Die Linke, Bündnis 90/Die Grünen und der Bundesrat dagegen ausgesprochen. „For months now, there have been reports that the European Commission is trying to privatise water by the back door, through its proposal on concessions. This has never been the intention, never been the reality.” erklärte Barnier…

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  • UK - Compensation scheme for energy intensive businesses

    … are a critical part of the UK economy. The UK government has also committed to establishing a compensation scheme to address the indirect costs of the Carbon Price Support (CPS) mechanism, subject to state aid clearance. That scheme is currently being considered by the European Commission and will be announced later this year. …

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  • Human rights and the EU/Britische Zeitungen verwechselt EU (wieder)

    … Convention, football, rugby – what really is the difference? There's a wonderful book by Tom Kennedy, Learning European Law - A Primer and Vade-mecum - unfortunately dated 1998 and I presume not likely to be updated. One of the topics he deals with in the introduction is the prevalence of newspaper howlers, and he has a whole page of them, including some from The Times and The Financial Times. The European Commission lists Euromyths.…

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  • EU ETS - Free allocation of allowances in 2013

    …(European Commission) - Free allowances to industrial installations participating in the EU ETS are distributed by Member States by the end of February each year. 2013 marks the first year that this process is governed by harmonised benchmark-based rules. The ETS Directive mandates the European Commission to scrutinise…

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  • Statement on recent developments in the European carbon market

    …● by Connie Hedegaard, European Commissioner for Climate Action ● On a day where the carbon price at some point went below €3 it must be clear to all that when the Commission warned that the ETS price could drop dramatically it was not a false warning but a real possibility. This is not the time to put…

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  • Die Datenwoche im Datenschutz (KW50 2012)

    … Gesundheitssektor. EDV-Experten warnen: Der Daten-Gau im Haus von Bundesgesundheitsminister Bahr ist nur die Spitze des Eisbergs. In der gesamten Gesundheitsbranche wird der Datenschutz missachtet. Charmante Untertreibung von welt.de… *** Samstag, 15. Dezember 2012 The US government has shocked the European Commission with its level…

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  • Die Datenwoche im Datenschutz (KW49 2012)

    … than benefits, according to a U.K. Ministry of Justice (MOJ) impact assessment released Nov. 22. In its assessment, the MOJ dismissed claims by the European Commission that a more harmonized data protection regime in the European Union could bring financial benefits totaling €2.3 billion ($3.6 billion) to the bloc each year. The EC failed…

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  • Kurz notiert: Energieministerrat in Brüssel

    …(LEXEGESE) - Beim EU-Energieministerrat in Brüssel am 3. Dezember 2012 standen die Themen Energiebinnenmarkt, erneuerbare Energien und die Sicherheit von Offshore-Aktivitäten im Vordergrund. Die Energieminister erörterten die Mitteilung der Kommission zum Energiebinnenmarkt von November 2012 sowie den Bericht der zyprischen…

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  • Update UK: Energy Intensive Industries to be Exempted from new Carbon Costs

    …. The scope of the exemption is currently being considered by the UK Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) and BIS, who will run a consultation in 2013 once the proposed exemption has been further developed. The exemption will require state aid clearance from the European Commission. A separate £250m scheme to compensate certain energy…

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  • Kommentar: CDU will über Brüssel das EEG abschießen

    …Sehr geehrte Leserinnen und Leser! In zwei bedeutsamen Vorschlägen von der EU Ebene attackieren zwei CDU Mitglieder das EEG in Deutschland und ähnlich erfolgreiche Gesetze mit Einspeisevergütung in anderen EU Länden. Offensichtlich handelt es sich um eine konzertierte Aktion der CDU, die fast gleichzeitig sowohl über…

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  • The European Commission finally presents options to reform the European carbon market

    …(LEXEGESE) - According to the European Commission, the surplus of emission allowances has primarily built up because the economic crisis has reduced industrial emissions of greenhouse gases by more than anticipated, leading in turn to lower demand for allowances from businesses. The surplus is expected to continue in the third phase…

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