Euro Crisis

Die Eurokrise (auch Euro-Krise) ist eine seit 2009 andauernde Krise innerhalb der Eurozone. Dabei handelt es sich um eine multiple Krise, die Aspekte einer Staatsschuldenkrise, einer Bankenkrise und einer Wirtschaftskrise aufweist. Die Bezeichnung „Eurokrise“ bezieht sich nicht auf den Außenwert des Euro, denn dieser blieb relativ stabil.Die Eurokrise resultiert aus einer Vielzahl unterschiedlicher Faktoren, deren jeweilige Gewichtung umstritten ist. Insbesondere im Fall Griechenlands steht die Entwicklung der Staatsschulden im Vorfeld der Krise im Vordergrund.
Artikel zum Thema Euro Crisis
  • Summer of Love: Karlsruhe Refers the QE Case to Luxembourg

    … Yesterday, on the day of ferragosto, the turning point of Summer, when people in Italy traditionally gather at the beaches, the case of Italy’s opponents in monetary policy against the European Central Bank’s policy of Quantitative Easing (QE) reached a turning point of its own. The Bundesverfassungsgericht (BVerfG) referred the case…

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  • The Ljubljana Initiative for Re-Launching the European Integration

    … It is a sign of unconventional times when earnest people wish you a less exciting year 2017 compared to the one that has just, luckily, passed. Starting a new year, a less exciting one then, is an opportunity for reckoning about the past and for charting the plans for the future. For those who care about the project of European integration…

    Matej Avbelj/ Verfassungsblog- 83 Leser -

  • After the Italian Referendum

    … So much was at stake for Italy, its political class and its economy, and for the European Union (EU) and its member states in the country’s failed referendum on constitutional reform. In the EU, Germany is a particularly sensitive case. The relations between Germany and Italy are a focal point in Europe. They used to be in an asymmetric, albeit…

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  • Comment on „The End of the Eurocrats’ Dream“

    … While EU scholarship still tends to narrate the Union’s history as one of successful adaptation, and the ‘euro crisis’ as something like a rite of passage, here is a book in a different mould. Singularities and turning-points are the blocks it builds with, and the present moment marks a conclusion. In this, the worst of the EU’s crises (p.1…

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  • Reflections on the European Project: Some Thoughts on the Agenda

    … on the future of Europe so as not to promote a vision whereby the exclusive sources of EU weaknesses would be distant and to be found elsewhere. What are we talking about? The edited volume takes as a starting point the ‘euro crisis’, but the debate that this on-line symposium seeks to stimulate goes well beyond. We are invited to ‘rethink the European…

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  • The End of the Eurocrats’ Dream in Endless Europe

    … economy suits industry, but also increases the risk of inflation and impoverishes the local population whenever it goes abroad. The euro crisis is just one of many manifestations of the current global financial crisis. However, the EU will lose its legitimacy if it fails to counter the consequent rapid decline in life chances. The 50% of young…

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  • Putting Europe back on its feet – A timely wake-up call

    …1. Are „Eurocrats“ to blame for the bad shape of Europe? First of all, one has to ask whether „Eurocrat“ is a meaningful term at all. Obviously one can find lots of examples in the European law and politics that demonstrate a kind of hubris and at the same time a complete failure to accomplish the goals of the „European Project“ – one needs…

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  • After the Eurocrats‘ Dream, the Contingence of the History

    … affairs lack political salience for the citizenry, at least not in the era of a globalized economy, climate change or global migration. In virtue of the crisis, it is not possible to continue affirming that EU politics are principally regulatory without taking their redistributive effects into consideration. In case anyone had any doubt, the crisis…

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  • The Future of the EU between Independence and Interdependence

    … Almost all contributions to the collection ‘The End of Eurocrats’ Dream’, edited by Damian Chalmers, Markus Jachtenfuchs and Christian Joerges touch upon a tension that has been implicit in the integration process from the very start, but has only explicitly manifested itself during the Euro-crisis: the tension between independence…

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  • The End of the Eurocrats’ Dream

    … The premise of this timely and important book is that the Euro crisis has placed the EU in an existential predicament that cannot be resolved in the usual fashion of yet more of the same. Though there is surprisingly little by way of a sketch of what might have been the Eurocrats’ dream, the reader is left in no doubt that we are currently…

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  • Conditionality through the lens of the CJEU: a “blurry” view

    … From the very beginning of the Eurozone crisis, conditionality progressively entered into the vocabulary and the normative sphere of the EU economic governance. At the time of the first assistance package to Greece, conditionality was just an emergency tool set in the bilateral Loan Agreements, signed by Greece and other Members States. However…

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