Eu Rule Of Law Framework

  • The Commission takes a step back in the fight for the Rule of Law

    … in the fields covered by EU law (Article 19 sec. 1 TFEU) – so that everyone whose rights and freedoms guaranteed by EU law have been infringed has the right to an effective legal remedy as well as access to an “independent and impartial” tribunal (Article 47 CHFR). Such guarantees of independence and impartiality rest on the existence of rules, particularly…

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  • The European Commission’s Activation of Article 7: Better Late than Never?

    … December 2016 and 27 July 2017; (ii) submitting a Reasoned Proposal for a Decision of the Council on the determination of a clear risk of a serious breach of the rule of law by Poland under Article 7(1) TEU and (iii) referring the Polish Law on the Ordinary Courts Organisation to the Court of Justice of the EU under Article 258 TFEU and in the context…

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  • Understanding the Politics of Resentment

    …, and the challenges now are about leadership and policy reorientation. With the politics of resentment, though, the situation is diametrically different. The challenges coming in the wake of the „politics of resentment” are more fundamental and existential in nature as the very backbone of the EU (rule of law and democracy) is at stake. For one, the „politics…

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  • Mind the Gap! Schwierigkeiten der Rechtsstaatlichkeit in der EU

    … moralische Regeln (menschliche Würde, Freiheit), auf die sich die EU stützt, und „strukturelle“ Regeln (Demokratie, Rechtsstaatlichkeit), auf deren Grundlage die EU tätig ist. Vgl. L. Pech, A Union Founded on the Rule of Law – Meaning and Reality of the Rule of Law as a Constitutional Principle of EU Law, European Constitutional Law Review 6/2010, S…

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  • Poland and the European Commission, Part I: A Dialogue of the Deaf?

    … of Constitutional Tribunal while seeking to seize control of it, and noted the unsatisfactory response Poland had already given to the original concerns the Commission had identified starting nearly one year ago when it activated for the first time its Rule of Law Framework. It added some new issues to the list, in particular, the unlawful appointment…

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  • The EU and Poland: Giving up on the Rule of Law?

    … A little more than a week ago, Jean-Claude Juncker gave up on the rule of law. Speaking in an interview with Belgian newspaper Le Soir (english summary here), the European Commission President suggested that there was nothing the European Union could do to halt the slide toward authoritarianism in EU Member States such as Hungary and more…

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  • Systemic Threat to the Rule of Law in Poland: What should the Commission do next?

    … ‘Without the full integral application of the Rule of Law across the EU, the European Union is doomed’, Frans Timmermans at the European Parliament’s plenary session on 25 October 2016 ‘We won’t introduce any changes into Poland’s legal system that are incompatible with the interests of the Polish state and its people and lack substantive…

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