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  • Miraculous Sausages: The Unitary Patent on the Finishing Straight

    … to utilise a favourable strategical situation for finding allies, offering horse trades and, finally, achieving a political benefit. But given the latest front lines in the negotiations for the Unitary Patent and Unified Patent Court, we must confess that finding a compromise between the diametrically opposed positions of the EU Council and the JURI…

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  • Anti-Software-Patent Campaigners count on François Hollande

    … attorneys. It has already been found in the US that the patent chambers of the CAFC unwarrantedly extended the scope of patentability to sectors which the patent system was not made for. It is unjust that patent offices and firms who should execute the industry policy as set by the legislator can exercise legislative power by defining this policy…

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  • European Parliament Announcend "Done Deal" on EU Patent Package with some Pride

    …Tuesday last week the European Parliament rhetorically asked in a press release (pdf) if the deal on the EU patent was already done. An official press release having this headline is truly sensational, since it implies that there are reasonable chances that Spain and Italy would agree on the EU Patent Package as well. However, a closer look…

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  • Unitary Patent will not Lower Patent Prosecution Costs by the Promised Amounts

    … PR language. In fact, Mr. Battistelli made clear earlier this year that there will be no change of the EPO's overall fee level only for the EU patent, so that significant cost savings can only be expected in the post-grant phase. Consequently, it is not any more desired that patent APPLICANTS profit from the promised cost savings but rather patent PROPRIETORS who decide to enforce their granted patent – i.e. a vanishing minority of all patentees.…

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