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  • The Unitary Patent - After the Game is before the Game

    … the endorsement is before the ratification" - seems to perfectly characterise the somewhat ambivalent situation the Unitary Patent is in at the beginning of the year: Important steps have been achieved in December (especially the approval by the EU Parliament and Council), but the rest will not be an easy challenge either. On the ksnh::law blog we…

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  • Miraculous Sausages: The Unitary Patent on the Finishing Straight

    … to utilise a favourable strategical situation for finding allies, offering horse trades and, finally, achieving a political benefit. But given the latest front lines in the negotiations for the Unitary Patent and Unified Patent Court, we must confess that finding a compromise between the diametrically opposed positions of the EU Council and the JURI…

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  • Anti-Software-Patent Campaigners count on François Hollande

    …In our today's article "Anti-Patent Campaigners put their trust in François Hollande as EU Council attends to Unitary Patent Court again" on the ksnh::law blog we attend to the reopening of negotiations on the Unitary Patent Court on next week's Competitive Council meeting on May 31/June 1 (see draft agenda, item 19) and the influence anti…

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  • Agreement on Unitary Patent / Unified Patent Court To Be Reached Until 22 December 2011

    … Committee Of The European Parliament Deals With EU Unitary Patent (24 Nov '11). Patent Attorneys Beware of Lobbying: Fight for your Right to (Represent) Parties (21 Nov '11), EU Unified Patent Court – EU Parliament / JURI Re-Opens Debate On Role Of Patent Attorneys (07 Nov '11). Now, Document 1757539/11 of the Polish EU Presidency comprises under item 11…

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  • Break Trough in the EU Patent Debate Today?

    … letter Messrs José Luis Zapatero and Silvio Berlusconi, Prime Ministers of Spain and Italy, strongly opposed to such plans ("We insist that enhanced co-operation should only be applied as a last resort mechanism, a requirement that is not met in the negotiations concerning the patent’s language regime") and suggested to at least wait until…

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  • Blog Posting No. 100: What Happened So Far On the Visae Patentes IP Blog

    …, whereas such "cooperation" may then be compensated for in some horse trading - during these days of southern European debt crisis. For now, we learned from @EUCouncilPress that the enhanced co-operation has made its way on the agenda of the EU Competitiveness Council on 10 December 2010 (cf. #EUPatent). We thus will receive some more hot news…

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  • The Advocates General's Statement on the Planned Unified European Patent Court System

    …. As reported earlier, the original request for an opinion of the CJEU on whether or not the envisaged agreement on a unified patent litigation system is compatible with the provisions of EU treaties was made by the EU Council on 6 July 2009. A preparatory oral hearing of the CJEU took place on 18 May 2010 (see official report) and showed that there exist…

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  • EU Patent and EU Patent Court are Not in the Best Shape

    … to be "de-complexed". She explained that there has been reached an agreement of principle (full document here) by the EU Council on December 4, 2009 regarding technical provissions required for the EU patent in which, however, language issues have been spared out, since the Lisbon Treaty requires unanimity (in the EU Council) for language issues…

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