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Die Europäische Kommission, abgekürzt: EU-Kommission, ist ein supranationales Organ der Europäischen Union (EU). Im politischen System der EU nimmt sie vor allem Aufgaben der Exekutive wahr und entspricht damit ungefähr der Regierung in einem staatlichen System. Sie hat jedoch noch weitere Funktionen, insbesondere bis auf einige in den Gründungsverträgen genannte Fälle das alleinige Initiativrecht im EU-Gesetzgebungsverfahren. Als „Hüterin der Verträge“ überwacht sie die Einhaltung des Europarechts durch die EU-Mitgliedstaaten und kann gegebenenfalls Klage gegen einen EU-Staat beim Europäischen Gerichtshof erheben.
Artikel zum Thema Eu Commission

  • No More Blame Game: Back to the Future of Comitology

    … On 14 February 2017, the European Commission submitted a proposal to reform the EU comitology system. It aims at enhancing transparency and accountability when implementing EU law in certain highly contentious policy areas, in which science-based decision-making by the Commission is not able to fully address national and regional concerns…

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  • Poland and the European Commission, Part I: A Dialogue of the Deaf?

    … On 21 December 2016, the European Commission adopted an additional Recommendation regarding the rule of law in Poland, which it justified on two main grounds: important issues remained unresolved while ‘new concerns’ had arisen in the meantime (see press release; fact sheet and Recommendation). The Commission’s new Recommendation again pressed…

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  • Article 29 WP will release guidelines on the GDPR by the end of 2016

    … on the Privacy Shield will not take place until the EU Commission has reviewed its functioning after the first year, this is summer or early fall 2017. At the moment, the Article 29 WP remains neutral with regard to the Brexit. However, Falque-Pierrotin remarked that the Privacy Shield may be also useful in UK regarding international data flows with the U.S.A… 68 Leser -
  • “What” versus “Who”: Europe’s Rule of Law Agenda Revisited

    … advocate inter alia a consistent rule of law approach across the EU instead of keeping the Copenhagen criteria solely for the realm of the enlargement process. The background for the paper is this: In 2010, noting problems inter alia in Romania and Bulgaria, the EU Commission turned to the OECD SIGMA Programme (Support for Improvement in Governance…

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  • Viviane Reding zur “IT-Persönlichkeit des Jahres” gewählt

    … protection can never be a justification for eliminating freedom of expression or freedom of information. (Quelle: Auch sonst setzt sich die EU-Kommissarin an vorderster Front für Bürgerrechte, Meinungsfreiheit und Datenschutz ein. Im Vorjahr erhielt übrigens die EU…

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  • The EU Commission, the Smartphone Combatants, and their Interplay on SEP and FRAND

    …On the ksnh::law blog we just issued a series of two postings titled "EU Commission’s Approach to Standard-essential Patents and FRAND sharpened by ‘Smartphone War’" to explain the political attitude and legal initiatives of the EU Commission (part 1) and the way the various smartphone combatants follow their not at all altruistic tactics…

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