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  • Your Heart Rate Data Can Land You in Jail

    … This so happened in Ohio last fall, when a man was convicted of aggravated arson and insurance fraud based on evidence provided by the data from his cardiac pacemaker. A man, whose house had burnt down, was investigated against after traces of fire accelerant had been found by the police. The suspect claimed that he was woken by a fire in his…

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  • Personal Data in China. A Step towards Protection.

    … Currently, there is no specific data protection law in China; rules relating to personal data protection are found in different laws and regulations. Some weeks ago, on 1 June 2017, the new Cybersecurity Law entered into force. We already wrote about it here. Recently, a new draft of a Standard called “Information security techniques – personal…

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  • Data protection impact assesment (DPIA)

    … The most recent document provided by 29 WP published guidelines for further comprehension on when and how to conduct a DPIA. The main goal of a DPIA is to: “describe the processing, assess the necessity and proportionality of a processing and to help manage the risks to the rights and freedoms of natural persons resulting from the processing…

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  • Mark Zuckerberg is hitting Snapchat hard – enter WhatsApp Status

    … stories and lenses (selfie filters). Snapchat rejected Zuckerberg’s offer but he is hitting back. In the final quarter of 2016, Instagram launched a new feature “Instagram Stories” which has disappearing story reel characteristics, just like Snapchat. Zuckerberg has not stopped there, it was announced on 20 February through a blog post by WhatsApp’s…

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  • Social Media Post-Truth

    … If it weren’t for the hyphen, one might say – finally! While it remains to be hoped that social media posts stay with the truth, this article discusses so-called fake news – a phenomenon that currently plagues us and is alleged to have influenced the recent presidential elections in the USA. The German word for post-truth, postfaktisch, has…

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  • Microsoft Remains Victorious in Legal Battle Over Cloud Data

    … The decision that the jurisdiction to issue search warrants concerning foreign data centers lies with the local authorities and not with U.S. courts still stands. In July 2016, a U.S. federal appeals court had ruled that Microsoft is not obliged to grant the U.S. government access to user data stored on servers in Ireland. The government’s…

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  • Beacons for Compliant Personal Data Processing in Russia

    … 27″Do they even have Data Protection rules in Russia” is a question that – in variations – we often encounter during our professional routine. The answer is always the same, as Russian law does protect Personal Data. The changes made to the Federal Law No. 152-FZ on Personal Data 2006 (Personal Data Protection Act) (in the following: „DPA RU…

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  • Inappropriate Photo Transfers at Apple Store?

    … Apple store employees accused of having accessed and shared female customers’ photos. According to the Australian newspaper, The Courier-Mail, there have been reports of employees in the Apple Store in Carindale near Brisbane, Australia secretly having taken close-up and ‘explicit’ photos of female employees and customers. These photos were…

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