Energy Bill

  • Update - UK urges Europe on 50% ambition on emissions reductions

    … domestic energy mix. The tripling of support available to low carbon electricity through the £7.6bn Levy Control Framework shall provide an immediate boost. And the reforms to the Electricity Market set out in the Energy Bill will incentivise renewables to 2020 beyond, building the low-carbon economy to compete in the green global race. The approach…

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  • Scientists, this is a call to arms over energy policy

    … campaigns and, in the UK, discussions around the recent Energy Bill and internal fighting over the role of renewable energy as well as the cost to the public have put it on the front pages. In other countries, calls for energy independence, reaction to the incident at the Fukushima power plant, and the opening up of resources all contribute to its…

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  • Update UK: Energy Intensive Industries to be Exempted from new Carbon Costs

    …(LEXEGESE) - Alongside the introduction of the new UK Energy Bill, the UK Government announced it's intention to exempt energy intensive industries from additional costs arising from new long term ‘contracts for difference’ designed to bring on investment in low carbon power plant such as nuclear power stations and wind farms. The scope…

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  • UK Government sets out plans to cut electricity demand

    …(LEXEGESE) - Cutting the amount of electricity used in Britain’s homes, businesses and industry can be much cheaper than paying firms to supply it; saving money through lower bills and reducing the need for new generation capacity. According to the UK Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC), just a 10 per cent reduction in electricity…

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  • UK Energy Bill - Major Reform Ahead

    … certainty to investors to bring forward £110 billion investment in new infrastructure. Mr Davey announced a package of decisions around the Energy Bill, which will be introduced this week: The creation of a Government-owned company to act as a single counterparty to give investors confidence to enter into new long term Contracts for Difference for low…

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  • UK: Written Ministerial Statement re Draft Energy Bill

    …• Edward Davey, UK Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change • I am pleased to be publishing a draft of the » Energy Bill today, in order for Pre-Legislative Scrutiny to be carried out on it. The draft Bill includes measures necessary to reform the electricity market to deliver secure, clean and affordable electricity. At the heart of our…

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