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    … on Mahnverfahren auf Englisch. It's a guest post, I think, by Laura Macdonald. She opts for dunning process. This is certainly OK. Process, because it includes court proceedings among other things. But I would have said debt collection procedure, I think. I wonder if dunning is more common in AmE than BrE? I have always felt it was a colloquial term, but maybe I'm wrong. I also feel it is not widely understood by English (British?) readers. Mind you, when I look in the legal dictionaries and find default action, I'm mystified.…

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  • Debt collection in Germany: A practical Guide for English speaking clients

    … On their British-German law blog Cross Channel Lawyers the colleagues of Graf & Partners explain in a detailed yet comprehensible manner what it takes to make a court claim for money in Germany: “Debt Collection in Germany: A practical Guide to Civil Court Procedures“. For a claimant from Britain or the USA the surprising news…

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