Unter Schadensersatz (häufig auch, und in Österreich grundsätzlich nur, in der Schreibweise Schadenersatz anzutreffen) versteht man den Ausgleich eines Schadens. Beim Ersatz von Schäden durch die öffentliche Hand wird häufig von Entschädigung gesprochen.
Artikel zum Thema Damages
  • No Damages for Victims of Airstrike

    …DJ - Washington. On September 3, 2012, the German Federal Constitutional Court in Karlsruhe ruled against the relatives of civilian victims of a NATO airstrike. The court affirmed two rulings that dismissed the actions for compensation against the Federal Republic of Germany. The court, Bundesverfassungsgericht, stated in the matter 2 BvR 2660/06…

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  • Laches in Hard Rock Cafe Dispute

    … that neither of the above principles would apply to the merchandising. The court remanded the case in part so that the lower courts could ascertain and assess additional facts that relate to damages and ancillary claims. The court published a summary, in German on its website, and will publish the decision in the matter I ZR 188/11 - Hard Rock Cafe soon.…

    German American Law Journal :: American Edition- 19 Leser -

  • Why are James and Tricia Keene suing the wrong company?

    … at Crystal Beach on the Bolivar Peninsula. The Keenes’ case against Brint Construction of Beaumont is less than thin. It’s ridiculous. “They sued us, but we didn’t make it, install it, or guarantee it,” company owner Tim Byrom said about the Keenes and their cargo-lift claim. Brint Construction did build the Keenes’ beach house and do the electrical…

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  • Prisoner Files $1 Trillion Lawsuit Over Belly Ache

    … Lawsuit In a hand-written one-page complaint, Maisano claims he was fed a “non-medical diet” that resulted in “cramps which caused the plaintiff to lose sleep.” This is far from the first outrageous lawsuit filed by Maisano, who is six years into a 15-year sentence for aggravated assault. In a related suit, he is suing for $10 trillion in damages…

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  • The Intersection of Golf and the Law

    … Although it may not be very likely that you will end up talking to a lawyer instead of the 19th hole bartender after a round, it happens more often than you might imagine. And as a public service, here’s one spot where the law intersects golf with some frequency: a par 3 on a busy course. Why? Because that’s where the traffic bottlenecks happen…

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  • Orleans Parish Sheriff’s Office sued for slip and fall by newly released inmate

    … NEW ORLEANS – A prisoner who had just been released from custody is suing for injuries she claims to have received when she allegedly slipped and fell while on her way out of the prison. Jasmin Burton filed suit against the Orleans Parish Sheriff’s Office on May 28. On May 23, 2012, Jasmin Burton claims she walking out of the Orleans Parish…

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  • Teures Filesharing – 675.000 Dollar Schadensersatz

    … Das "kostenloses" Filesharing richtig teuer werden kann, dürfte bekannt sein. Richtig hart traf es aber den us-amerikanischen Studenten Joel Tenenbaum. Dieser soll wegen des illegalen Downloads und Verbreitens von 30 Musikstücken in einem Filesharing-Netzwerk eine Gesamtstrafe von 675.000 Dollar (ca. 518.000 €) zahlen.Der Fall hatte bereits…

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  • ILR: Class Action Plan Could Make UK Europe’s Antitrust Hotspot

    … Legal Reform News Daily | Law 360 The British government vowed Tuesday to push for a new class action system for antitrust litigation, a move attorneys say could make the U.K. the center for private cartel damages cases across Europe. Read more: http://www.law360.com/classaction/articles/410923?nl_pk=b6d65e29-d04c-41bb-9785-a3843b0e89e5&utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=classaction&utm_medium=Email&utm_source=ExactTarget&utm_campaign=&utm_content= …

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  • Splendid Film GmbH – warning letter in simple terms

    … an damages in form of an out-of-court-settlement. We recommend, not to sign this Declaration to Cease and Desist right away! The claimed damages consist of both legal expenses for the opposing law firm and lost profit of the copyright holder because of the unlawfully distribution of the copyright protected material. Those damages are usually overdrawn…

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  • ILR: Judge Dismisses Antitrust Claims in Libor Suits

    … Wall Street Journal | 2013 Banks being probed over alleged interest-rate manipulation scored a big victory in their battle against scores of private lawsuits seeking billions of dollars in potential damages. Read more: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424127887323501004578391060795837632.html?KEYWORDS=lawsuits&utm_medium=Email&utm_source=ExactTarget&utm_campaign=&utm_content= …

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  • Das Blasphemiegesetz in Pakistan im Wortlaut

    … werden. PakistanPenalCode CHAPTER XV OF OFFENCES RELATING TO RELIGION 295. Injuring or defiling place of worship, with Intent to insult the religion of any class: Whoever destroys, damages or defiles any place of worship, or any object held sacred by any class of persons with the intention of thereby insulting the religion of any class of persons…

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  • Most ridiculous lawsuits: Choate v Indiana Harbor Belt Railroad Co.

    … million in damages. An intermediate appellate court affirmed, despite a WLF amicus brief. The Illinois Supreme Court reversed last week: a landowner owes no duty to trespassers, and while it owes a duty to children to warn them of latent harms that a child might not reasonably apprehend, it owes no duty with respect to obvious harms. [WLF] Tags: failure to warn, Illinois, personal responsibility, trespassing © By Ted Frank …

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  • Most ridiculous lawsuits: Lawsuit: $73,000 Glass Pool Table Not Up to Scratch

    … for use with the table—but that this amounted to the “hiding” of so material a warning. The buyer feels an injustice has been done, says Martin. The complaint seeks $219,000 in damages. Nottage, asked for comment by ABC News, did not respond. Nottage’s website describes the table’s glass surface as protected by Vitrik, a proprietary coating “which…

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  • Int'l Press Review: Deadlock in Doha over damages funding

    …(The Irish Times) - As yet another typhoon hit the Philippines yesterday, negotiators at the UN climate change conference here were locking horns over one of the thorniest issues on the agenda – financial compensation for “loss and damage” due to the impacts of global warming. ...…

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