Constitutional Crisis

  • The Polish Crisis as a European Crisis: A Letter to Mr Jean-Claude Juncker

    … My letter is not fueled by anger. Far from it. If there is one emotion that drives it, it is the deep disappointment at how easily your Commission has given up on Poland, despite all the fanfare and tough legal talk to the contrary. The time has finally come to recognise that by doing nothing, you have been losing Poland every day for the last…

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  • Homage to Catalonia: How to Lift the Gridlock of Constitutional Crisis in Spain

    … On 6 October 1934 Lluís Companys proclaimed the Catalan State (Estat Català) within a ‘Spanish Federal Republic’. 83 years later, Catalonia – unbelievable as it may sound – is on the verge of unilaterally declaring its independence, again. At this crucial moment, one has to seriously wonder whether there is any realistic way to de-escalate…

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  • Trump and the FBI: Four very quick questions and answers from SANFORD LEVINSON

    … US President Donald Trump, to the bewildered horror of many, has dismissed FBI director James Comey in the middle of an investigation about his aides' ties to Russia. Some even call this situation a constitutional crisis. We have shot Constitutional Law professor Sanford Levinson four very quick questions and received four equally short answers…

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  • Living Democracy in Romania: From Protest to Referendum ?

    …, while trying to justify the “emergency” with decisions of the Constitutional Court, quickly became the object of popular discontent all over the country. It culminated on 4 and 5 February with over 500,000 participants demonstrating against the ordinance. In the wake of the so called “Second Black Tuesday”1)The first “Black Tuesday” took place…

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  • Constitutional Capture in Poland 2016 and Beyond: What is Next?

    … that Poland is on the slippery slope towards autocracy. Last Friday PiS decided to go all-in in its quest for total and unrestrained control. It Crossed the line by illegally passing the budget for next year and voting outside of the main chamber of the Parliament. It was not the first time that PIS broke all major rules of parliamentary…

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  • A Crisis of Representation

    … What happened in the US elections does not represent a constitutional crisis. Neo-liberalism’s chickens have come home to roost, and the crisis we are experiencing is what Gramsci in the ‘20s called a “crisis of representation,” one in which the links between parties and their putative constituencies break down. Whether there is a larger ”crisis…

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  • Hat die EU das Kräftemessen mit Polen bereits verloren?

    … Heute feiert das polnische Verfassungsgericht seinen 30. Geburtstag. Die Stadt Danzig lädt zu einer großen Jubiläumskonferenz ein, vier ehemalige und ein amtierender Verfassungsrichter werden Vorträge halten, und auch aus Europa werden hochrangige Gäste erwartet: EuGH-Präsident Koen Lenaerts wird ein Grußwort sprechen, der Präsident der Venedig…

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  • „The National Council of the Judiciary is under attack in different ways“

    … Is the independence of the judiciary in Poland in danger? I think it is. And it is not just about some media and politicians attacking and insulting judges, but about the law which is treated in a way that insults all rules of correct legislation. The most dangerous is questioning of the judgments of the Constitutional Court…

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