• MemoQ

    …I was at a loose end on Sunday so I decided to investigate the MemoQ translation memory program (CAT tool). I didn't get very far, so despite the fact that I attended a Webinar (bizarre word) today at ProZ, the following remarks may not be well-informed. The program looks very good, I must say. My situation: I've been a happy user of STAR Transit…

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  • Corpus investigation: breach, violate, infringe/Rechtsenglisch und Korpora

    …Louise Frances Denyer, of (or connected with) Birmingham University, has a PDF on the Web of an 85-page paper (about half of it consists of appendices with language examples): Corpus study carried out on three 'legal' verbs to demonstrate their similar and different usage for the purposes of legal translators and lawyer-linguists. The paper aims…

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  • Palantyping and Stenography

    …I've mentioned Stenography before. Today Jack Schofield shows there is also Palantyping, in answer to this question: I attended a gathering in Richmond Theatre, at which the then mayor and members of the Greater London Authority were available for public questioning. It was very impressive that their words almost immediately appeared…

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