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    … courses”. Certainly recognizing that inane training is simply that – inane training, Anderson missed the larger picture of what constitutes a best practices compliance program. Training is one part of a larger component of how companies manage their compliance with laws, regulations and, most importantly, the ultimate barometer of their value…

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  • Compliance Training – Part II: Risk Ranking and Design

    … Yesterday I began what I thought would be a two-part series on compliance training.However, or perhaps more accurately, as usual, I got carried away so I am now off on a multi-part series on how to design, implement and assess an effective compliance and ethics training program. This series was inspired by an article in Slate, entitled “Ethics…

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  • Managing Your Third Parties in a FCPA Compliance Program

    … The building blocks of any Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) anti-corruption compliance program lay the foundations for a best practices compliance program.For instance in the lifecycle management of third parties, most compliance practitioners understand the need for a business justification, questionnaire, due diligence, evaluation…

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  • Doing Less with Less and the Unification of Germany

    … rate program for compliance practitioners of many stripes. As an added benefit, SCCE Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Roy Snell has brought some cold weather down to Houston for the event for our late February enjoyment. While it was 80 on Saturday, today is was a balmy 36 courtesy of our Minnesotan guests. As you might guess the current economic…

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  • Revisiting The Raven and Visiting Foreign Subsidiaries

    … On January 19 we celebrated the birth of one of America’s most iconic authors, Edgar Allen Poe, who was born on this day in Boston, Massachusetts. Anyone who reads or watches a mystery show on television owes a debt to Poe for inventing the genre. Poe flunked out of West Point but later became an editor at the Southern Literary Messenger…

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  • Does Your Company Still Allow Facilitation Payments?

    … One of the more confusing areas of the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) is in that of facilitation payments. Facilitation payments are small bribes but make no mistake about it, they are bribes. For that reason many companies feel they are inconsistent with a company culture of doing business ethically and in compliance with laws…

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  • Termination of a Third Party or Breaking Up Should Not Be Hard To Do

    … One of treats each month for the compliance professional is reading the GRC Illustrated column by Carole Switzer, President of the Open Compliance and Ethics Group (OCEG), in the Compliance Week magazine. Not only does Switzer write a highly informative and useful column but she also includes two standard features. The first is an illustrated…

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  • United States: Timing May Be Everything In Breach Of Warranty Claims

    … In the wake of the recent recalls and warranty campaigns, suppliers should bear in mind the threshold statute of limitations defense that they may have to any attempts by the OEMs to recover against them for costs for issues that the OEMs may have known about for years, but failed to act upon. An OEM seeking to recover against a supplier…

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