Katalonien (katalanisch Catalunya [kətəˈluɲə], spanisch Cataluña [kataˈluɲa], aranesisch Catalonha [kataˈluɲa]) ist eine von 17 autonomen Gemeinschaften Spaniens. Sie liegt im Nordosten der Iberischen Halbinsel zwischen der Mittelmeerküste und den Pyrenäen. Die Hauptstadt ist Barcelona. Die Einwohner heißen Katalanen. Amtssprachen sind Katalanisch und Spanisch sowie Aranesisch. Aufgrund geschichtlicher und kultureller Besonderheiten gilt die Region neben dem Baskenland und Galicien als eine der „historischen Autonomen Gemeinschaften“ (span. autonomías históricas).
Artikel zum Thema Catalonia
    • Catalonia in deadlock, and why that is a European problem

      The Catalan territorial conflict is stuck. That is not good news here. It does not mean that the conflict is being contained or the escalation stopped or anything like that. “Stuck” means that no clear solutions are on the table right now. That secessionists revalidated their parliamentary majority in the elections in Catalonia last week (despite the fact that they are also “ ...

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  • On Cockroaches and the Rule of Law

    … has not only imposed home rule in Catalonia, it has also jailed the former leaders of the Catalan government. Franco is back. Spain is not a country subject to the rule of law. Spain has political prisoners. Spain joins the ranks of Venezuela, Turkey and Zimbabwe. Spain is a democratic anomaly in the very heart of the European Union. Thus, I…

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  • Seven Steps to Hell: the Catalan Conflict in Full Escalation Mode

    …, when many were expecting him or the parliament to declare the independence of Catalonia, we got the impression that we were going to fall off a cliff. The suspension of that declaration gave us some fresh air. Some signals from both the Spanish and the Catalan governments made us think that the conflict was de-escalating and, perhaps, hopefully…

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  • Catalonia and Spain: A View from the Future Past

    … I have started to write this article four times over the past two weeks, and each time I failed to complete it. The reason is, I think, fairly simple. I have been trying to write a dispassionate political analysis of the current situation in Catalonia and Spain, and have realized that I cannot do it, not right now at least. What you are reading…

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  • Catalan secessionism faces the European Union

    … made by a third party if this obligation has not been formally established beforehand? To properly weigh the implications of this expectation, one could think back to the effects on the EU when the Greek citizens rejected the terms of their rescue package by referendum (and compare this with the treatment of the Brexit referendum, covered…

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  • Homage to Catalonia: How to Lift the Gridlock of Constitutional Crisis in Spain

    … On 6 October 1934 Lluís Companys proclaimed the Catalan State (Estat Català) within a ‘Spanish Federal Republic’. 83 years later, Catalonia – unbelievable as it may sound – is on the verge of unilaterally declaring its independence, again. At this crucial moment, one has to seriously wonder whether there is any realistic way to de-escalate…

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  • Sozusagen ein Referendum: Bericht aus Barcelona, Teil 2

    … 22. September geschlossen zurückgetreten, nachdem das spanische Verfassungsgericht jedem seiner Mitglieder für seine Mitwirkung an dem illegalen Referendum eine Geldstrafe von 12.000 Euro angedroht hatte – pro Tag! In diese Situation will niemand kommen, weshalb sich Vintró beeilt klarzustellen: "Wir sind keine Ersatz-Wahlkommission." Was sind…

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  • Die unmögliche Revolution: Bericht aus Barcelona, Teil 1

    …. Sie wird mit Nein stimmen. Am Kolumbusdenkmal begegne ich Marién, einer Anwältin aus Murcia, die mit drei Freunden eigens nach angereist ist für diesen Tag. "Democracia!", schnaubt sie. Was sei denn daran demokratisch, wenn das ganze übrige Spanien überhaupt nicht gefragt werde. Die Zentralregierung hätte schon längst Artikel 155 der Verfassung…

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  • The Catalunya Conundrum, Part 1: How Could Things Come to Such a Pass?

    … Catalan democratic institutions (both Parliament and Government) have called for a popular vote on whether Catalonia, an autonomous region in the northeast of Spain of almost eight million inhabitants, should declare itself an independent country. The vote is scheduled for the 1st October, but it as of yet the total opposition of the Spanish…

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  • The Catalan Self-Determination Referendum Act: A New Legal Order in Europe

    … Following my blog post from July 18, I would like to bring the readers of Verfassungsblog up to speed on the ‘secessionist process’ in Catalonia. For this purpose, let me briefly recall that the Catalan Referendum Draft Bill, which was presented to the public on July 3, sets the date of the referendum to October 1, 2017 and requires…

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  • The EU and the Catalan Crisis

    … The events of the past week in Catalunya (and of the weeks that will follow) are very serious and worrying. Catalunya is a region of a Member State of the EU that has begun a unilateral process of independence, disregarding the Constitution, its Statute of Autonomy and the opposition of half of the Catalan population. It’s a remarkable challenge…

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  • Five Variables of a Catalan Referendum on Independence

    … On 9 June 2017 the President of the Catalan Government, Carles Puigdemont, announced a referendum on Catalan independence. As seen in the past, however, it is likely that any further juridicial manifestation will be challenged by the Spanish Government before the Constitutional Court, and that the Court will declare void any action that poses…

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