Carbon Tax

Die CO2-Steuer (auch Kohlenstoffsteuer, englisch: Carbon tax) ist eine Umweltsteuer auf Kohlendioxid (CO2) und andere Treibhausgase. Der aus der Emission dieser Treibhausgase resultierenden globalen Erwärmung und der Versauerung der Meere soll mit einem höheren Preis für fossile Energieträger entgegen gesteuert werden. Die Kosten für Klimafolgen sowie Umweltschäden an der Biodiversität der Meere sollen Unternehmen und Verbrauchern, die CO2-Emissionen verursachen, mit einem deutlichen Preissignal mitgeteilt werden.
Artikel zum Thema Carbon Tax
  • Repealing the carbon tax: hidden costs and unanswered questions

    … applies and all charges for non-compliance will be repealed. The government will not extend what it calls the “carbon tax” even if the Parliament does not pass the repeal bills until after 1 July 2014. If the bills are not repealed at all, the government will be in breach of the law if it refuses to apply the carbon price mechanism and other carbon…

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  • Int'l Press Review: China seeks Australia's help building emissions trading scheme

    …(The Sidney Morning Harald) - ... A deal announced in Canberra on Thursday will see the Australian National University take leadership of a program that will analyse pollution data provided by China and allow Chinese university researchers to examine Australia's experience of the carbon tax and transition to an emissions trading scheme. ...…

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  • Int'l Press Review: Lawmakers Release Carbon Emissions Tax Plan

    …(New York Times) - Almost exactly four years after unveiling his doomed cap-and-trade proposal to deal with global warming, Representative Henry Waxman, Democrat of California, released a new plan on Tuesday to address climate change and federal budget woes: a tax on carbon emissions. ...…

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  • Int'l Press Review: Obama won’t propose carbon tax

    …(The Washington Times) - Despite President Obama’s renewed attention to climate change, as expressed in his inaugural address, the White House is ruling out any plans to propose a tax on carbon emissions favored by many environmentalist groups. ...…

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  • Unbundling Case Study: The sorry state of Western Australia’s electricity market reform

    … this has not transpired. Rather, between 2008 and 2012, retail electricity prices for households connected to the Western Power Network in the south west of the state rose by 48%, and this does not even include the comparatively small (and mostly compensated for) impact of the carbon tax. On the surface, it was almost a direct application of text-book…

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  • Int'l Press Review: Airline carbon tax talks with EU stall

    …(China Daily) - Beijing remains firm on its stance of settling the carbon tax dispute with the European Unionthrough a multilateral approach, a Chinese official said. The official, who requested anonymity, said talks between China and the EU over the tax aremaking little progress.…

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  • Australien: Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) nimmt Arbeit auf

    …Zeitgleich mit dem Inkrafttreten der Carbon Tax in Australien am 01.Juli 2012 nahm die neu gegründete Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) Anfang des Monats ihre Arbeit auf. Der ARENA stehen bis 2020AUD 3,2 Milliarden (Euro 2,6 Milliarden, Stand 10.07.2012) zu Verfügung, um Forschung und Entwicklung im Bereich der erneuerbaren Energien sowie…

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  • Int'l Press Review: Trade war: Indian Cabinet to consider steps against EU carbon tax

    …(The Times of India) - The trade battle with the European Union over the latter's unilateral decision to impose carbon tax on Indian airlines flying into or via the EU could turn into a full scale war with the Cabinet to soon consider a proposal for counter-measures against EU including reducing the number of flights and breaking existing bilateral agreements.…

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  • Neue Investitionsanreize für erneuerbare Energien in Australien durch Carbon Tax

    …Zum 1. Juli 2012 tritt die im November letzten Jahres durch die australische Regierung beschlossene Carbon Tax in Kraft. Diese zielt darauf ab den Weg für nachhaltige Energien in Australien weiter zu ebnen und Investitionen in Solar- und Windenergie voranzutreiben. Für das erste Jahr ist der Preis einer Tonne CO2 auf australische Dollar (A$) 23…

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  • Australian Government names 250 companies to pay carbon tax

    …LEXEGESE - Under the Australian Clean Energy Act 2011, the Clean Energy Regulator is required to publish a list of entities that are likely to be liable under the carbon pricing mechanism. Entities are included in the Liable Entities Public Information Database (LEPID) if the Clean Energy Regulator has reasonable grounds to believe…

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  • Int'l Press Review: After aviation tax, EU mulls carbon levy on shipping

    …After a carbon tax was levied on aviation by the European Union (EU), the Indian government is now preparing for a possible trade war with the European Commission (EC) imposing a similar tax on shipping business as well. The move can increase freight rates by 3%-15%. Source: Times of India…

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