• Poland’s Constitutional Tribunal under Siege

    … A constitutional crisis? A coup d’état? Whatever it is Poland is going through right now, the constitutional situation is far from normal. After a fierce political brawl about the election of five new judges to the Constitutional Tribunal, that same Tribunal declared yesterday the legal basis upon which three of them were elected…

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  • Rechtliche Stolpersteine – eine Replik

    … ist zuzustimmen, aber dennoch ist dies nur die halbe Wahrheit. Denn eine solche Selbstverteidigungsmaßnahme wird so gut wie immer auf dem Territorium eines souveränen Staates ergriffen werden und dadurch dessen territoriale Integrität verletzen. Daher verlangt die vorwiegende Ansicht im Völkerrecht zurecht, dass die Frage nach einem…

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  • The Universal Declaration of the Rights of Humankind: Big Words, Small Effect

    … The text of a Universal Declaration of the Rights of Humankind was presented on Monday before the french Economic, Social and Environmental Council. France will introduce the declaration in December at the 21st United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris, where 50,000 participants (representatives of State governments, intergovernmental…

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  • Perinçek v. Switzerland: Between Freedom of Speech and Collective Dignity

    … On 15 October 2015, the Grand Chamber delivered its judgement in Perinçek v. Switzerland case. Notwithstanding some minor variations in reasoning, the outcome in the Grand Chamber is practically identical to the lower chamber. The Swiss criminal provision applied in the context of the denial of Armenian genocide was, thus, again found…

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  • The ECJ’s First Bitcoin Decision: Right Outcome, Wrong Reasons?

    … On 22 October 2015, the Court of Justice of the European Union issued its first ever ruling on the digital currency known as Bitcoin. For those who haven’t been following this space, Bitcoin was the first and so far remains the most commercially successful of the recent wave of ‘cryptocurrencies’ – a term now defined by the Oxford Dictionary…

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  • Cameron’s bid for irreversible guarantee means constitutional chaos

    … The Conservative government’s attempt to renegotiate the UK’s terms of membership of the European Union continues to distress Britain’s pro-Europeans, antagonise its anti-Europeans and bamboozle its EU partners. Prime minister David Cameron has realised that there are two cardinal principles of EU primary law which he will not be allowed…

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  • Luxemburg rüttelt an Wohnsitzauflage für Flüchtlinge

    … Der Europäische Gerichtshof beherrscht heute wegen seiner Schrems-Entscheidung alle Schlagzeilen – zweifellos ein epochales Urteil, das heute und in den folgenden Tagen noch eine Menge Diskussionsstoff liefern wird, unter anderen auch hier auf dem Verfassungsblog: Wir werden in den nächsten Tagen ein transatlantisches Online-Symposium dazu…

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  • Moving Beyond the Asylum Muddle

    … The horrific images of refugees dying on European shores seem – finally – to have galvanized public opinion in favor of a shift to protection rather than deterrence. Some leaders seem still to be committed to harsh action – Hungarian Prime Minister Orban’s comment that the arrival of refugees threatened “Europe’s Christian roots…

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