• Amendments in US patent law by the 'Amenrica Invents Act'

    … and synopses on this complex topic out there on the internet, it was our aim to present the US patent reform in German this time. For a short summary of the postings, I thus continue in German: Die Artikelserie unter dem Titel Änderungen im US Patentrecht duch den 'America Invents Act' wird drei Beiträge umfassen. Die ersten beiden Beiträge…

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  • China: Gesetzgebung

    … Informationen zur Antikorruptionsgesetzgebung in China: Companies doing business in the People’s Republic of China (“PRC”) have yet another path to potential criminal liability. On February 25, 2011, the PRC legislature passed 49 amendments to the PRC Criminal Law. One such amendment – Amendment No. 8 of the PRC Criminal Law – criminalizes…

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  • Ukraine kürzt die Einspeisevergütung für PV um 27 Prozent

    …Das ukrainische Parlament hat Änderungen der nationalen Einspeisebedingungen genehmigt, denen zufolge die Vergütung für Photovoltaik um 27 Prozent gekürzt wird. Das Gesetz Nr. 10183 "On amendments to the law 'On Electric Power'” wurde am 20. November 2012 vom Parlament verabschiedet und tritt am 01. Januar 2013 in Kraft. Weitere Einzelheiten sind…

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  • U.S. Sentencing Commission Guidelines Manual 2012

    … The 2012 Guidelines Manual incorporates amendments to the federal sentencing guidelines and policy statements effective November 1, 2012, and earlier. Read more:…

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  • FCPA: Amendment to the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act – Another Perspective

    … Proposals for and against amending the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, the US Federal law against government bribery in international business, have been percolating for the past 18 months. US Chamber of Commerce took a lead role, sponsoring a paper titled “Restoring Balance” in October 2010, advocating the position that substantial amendments…

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  • Amendments to the German Patent Act (PatG)

    …Should you be interested in the latest amendments to the German Patent Act (Patentgesetz, PatG), you may have a look at our ksnh::law blog, where we provide an introduction in both English and German: Selective Amendments to the German Patent Act Adopted by Federal Cabinet Bundeskabinett verabschiedet Gesetzesentwurf zur Novellierung…

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  • Verleihung der 12. BigBrotherAwards

    …-Antiterrorgesetz "Patriot Act" und dem "FISA Amendments Act of 2008". Zudem kann in der Regel nicht nachvollzogen werden, wo sich die Daten im konkreten Augenblick befinden, da die Cloud räumlich kaum greifbar ist. Arbeitswelt: Bofrost Der Anbieter von Tiefkühlprodukten stand in der Vergangenheit im Verdacht, seinen Betriebsrat systematisch…

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  • ENTSO-E publishes Articles of Association and Rules of Procedure

    … Assembly adapted the AoA and Rules of Procedure. The recent amendments made primarily addressed network code development, TSO certification and the application of the network codes in all countries as well as some updates to clarity and efficiency. The ENTSO-E AoA, Rules of Procedure and list of members can be found here. About ENTSO-E ENTSO-E…

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  • German Statutes, as Amended

    … may be useless in the practice of law. Frequently, issues arise long after amendments to statutes occur. Legislators in Germany appear to justify the salaries, as they do elsewhere, by adding, subtracting, replacing and just good-old amending. Old codes were good for a handful of centuries; that is history. Every elected twit wants leave her mark…

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  • EU Patent Package Still Under Construction While Italy Joins Unified Patent Court

    … amendments desired by stakeholders constantly sprout up, as recently reported on ksnh::law in form of comments on the two questions "Is the EU Patent Package Still 'Broadly Accepted in Substance'?" and "Will Italy Join Unitary Patent and Ask for Seat of Central Division of Unified Patent Court in Return?". Further recent postings relates to "One…

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  • Vorschläge für Änderungen des Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

    … diesbezüglichen Ermittlungsverfahren befasst, wird dem zustimmen können). Aber lesen Sie selbst (Auszug aus dem US-Blog von Thomas R.Fox): In a Whitepaper entitled “Restoring Balance-Proposed Amendments to the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act”, released earlier this month, authors Andrew Wiessmann and Alixandra Smith, writing on behalf of the US Chamber…

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