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  • Andreas Mundt wird Vorsitzender des Internationalen Netzwerks der Wettbewerbsbehörden

    … größer werdende Beachtung, die die Arbeit des internationalen Netzwerkes erfährt. Mit Unterstützung meiner beiden hochgeschätzten Kollegen Bruno Lasserre, Präsident der französischen Autorité de la concurrence, und Vinicius Marques de Carvalho, Präsident des brasilianischen Administrative Council for Economic Defense, die mir als stellvertretende…

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  • European Patent Network Supports Filing of Search Results under Amended Rule 141 EPC

    … that, according to amended Rule 141 (2) EPC, the EPO shall automatically include into the file of an EP application copies of the following search reports drawn up by the EPO itself: European search report (Art. 92 EPC) international search report (Art. 15(1) PCT) international-type search (Art. 15(5) PCT) The President's Decision further documents…

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  • European Patent Network Supports Filing of Search Results under Amended Rule 141 EPC

    …Illustration on the website of the Europen Patent Network According to a Notice dated 28 July 2010 of the Administrative Council, the permanent utilisation scheme (see CA/D 18/09 of 28.10.2009, OJ EPO 2009, 585) to be implemented by amended Rule 141 and new Rule 70b EPC will apply to EP/PCT applications that are filed on or after 1 January 2011. The permanent utilisation scheme will enable…

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  • EPO tightens Information Disclosure Requirements

    …Since the entering into force of the revised European Patent Convention (EPC 2000) on 13 December 2007, the EPO may "invite the applicant to provide information on prior art taken into consideration in national or regional patent proceedings and concerning an invention to which the European patent application relates", as specified under Art. 124…

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  • Former President of German Patent Bar Critically Comments on European Patent System

    … for restructuring the Administrative Council of the EPO and for recruiting more examiners to reduce the backlog and increase patent quality. As a request to the new President of the EPO, Mr Benoit Battistelli, Mr Popp wishes for a return to the sovereign functions of the EPO and asks that the EPO should not be viewed as a profit center any longer…

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  • European Patent Organisation Discussing Fee Reform and Sustainable Financing (III)

    …EPO Financing Trends (Source: Document CA/33/10) On the website of the EPO Staff Union (SUEPO) a number of relevant Documents from the Administrative Council of the European Patent Organisation (EPOrg) running the European Patent Office have appeared: Document CA/39/10 dated 2010-02-23: Fee Reform and Sustainable Financing - Document 1: "Support…

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  • Ms Brimelow's legacy and Mr Battistelli's plans

    …Benoît Battistelli, Director General of the French National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI), has been elected by the Administrative Council of the European Patent Organisation to succeed Alison Brimelow as President of the EPO. His five-year presidency will begin on 1. July 2010. As reported by both the IPKat and IPjur, his predecessor…

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