Visae Patentes - Artikel vom Oktober 2010

  • Patentability Issues in the Annual Report 2009 of German Federal Patents Court

    The Annual Report 2009 of the German Federal Patent Court (Bundespatentgericht) has just been published. It covers the Court's most important rulings of 2009 regarding patents, utility models, designs and trademarks, as well as an overview of its business situation. The (shortened) English version of the Report is given on pages 126 to 194.

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  • Status of Amazon's Controversial "One-Click" Patent in Canada, the US, and Europe

    According to Amazon's well-known and controversally discussed "1-click" invention entitled "method and system for placing a purchase order via a communication network", easy internet shopping is enabled in that a customer visits a website, enters address and payment information and is given an identifier stored in a "cookie" in his client computer.

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  • Computer-Implemented B2B Information System not Inventive Due to Comvik and Despite TRIPS

    Electronic components shops in Guangzhou, CN, supplying local companies Case T 528/07, decided by the EPO’s Technical Board of Appeal 3.5.01 on 27 April 2010 is exceptionally interesting since it relates to not less than three interesting issues, namely the influence of the TRIPS agreement on the EPC, the examination of claims having both technical and non-technical features, an ...

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