• Comparison of AIA and EPC as well as ante-AIA, post AIA and 'real' first-to-file prior art

    In a new posting on the ksnh::law blog titled "10 aspects of the AIA that are (somehow) comparable to European provisions" we discuss the following new provisions of the America Invents Act and their link to European patent law: grace period prior public use intervening rights usurpation and derivation post grant review covered business method review third-party submissions supplemental examinati.

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  • Intellectual Property Aspects of 3D Printing (German)

    On the ksnh::jur blog, we recently posted the first two articles of a series on the IP aspects of the fascinating new technology of 3D printing which, according to our perception, has the potential to raise totally new questions and pose new challenges to the IP system. I will continue in German, the language of the two articles: 3D Printing: Das nächste große Ding? 3D-Printing: ...

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  • UPC News: Signing Ceremony Today and Rules of Procedure

    Today the Signing ceremony of the International Agreement on the establishment of the Unified Patent Court will be held at the Justus Lipsius building in Brussels. Apparently, only 21 of the originally 25 EU member states that supported the establishment of a Unitary Patent by enhanced cooperation are prepared to sign, including the thee "mandatory" signers France, the United Kingdom and Germany.

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  • Amendments in US patent law by the 'Amenrica Invents Act'

    - 'Innovative Grounds' im US Patentamt - On the ksnh::jur blog we began a series of three postings dircted to the amendments in US patent law by the 'Amenrica Invents Act'. Already issued part 1 and part 2 relate to the changes that entered into force on September 16, 2011 and 2012, respectively. As there are already so many excellent explanations and synopses on this complex to ...

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  • The Unitary Patent - After the Game is before the Game

    Sepp Herberger was the manager of the German nation soccer team that won the 1954 World Cup by a miraculous 3-2 final win over Hungay, the undisputed favourite and unbeaten for nearly 5 years. This match, in Germany renowned as the "miracle of Bern", not only has a solid position among national myths and legends but has also been considered the birth of the Federal Republic of G ...

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  • Miraculous Sausages: The Unitary Patent on the Finishing Straight

    [The making of EU legislation according to Otto von Bismarck] A miracle is an event attributed to divine intervention. As this may or may not be true in the real world, on 'Spaceship Brussels' an unexpected progress usually is not the result of God's own hand but, rather profanely, of tactical skills to recognise and political assertiveness to utilise a favourable strategical si ...

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  • JURI Committee Insitst on CJEU Control after Council's political Move (to be cont'd in Sept)

    Despite what initially sounded like good news from the European Council summit on 28/29 June 2012, the epic EU unitary patent saga will probably continue for many more months, as reported lately on the ksnh::law blog: JURI Committee considers Council version of Unitary Patent Regulation infringing EU Primary Law and leaves for Summer Break (July 10) Unitary Patent: Political Struggle and Shift of.

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  • Unified Patent Court: Rumours running wild before tomorrow's start of EU Summit

    As recently reported on ksnh::law under the headline "Munich Dropped Out?", a press report of French journalist Sophie Mosca on Europolitics.info assumes that Munich has lost the race for the seat of the Central Division of the Unified Patent Court, as the EU Committee of Permanent Representatives (COREPER), which is responsible to prepare the decisive EU Summit (European Counci ...

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