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  • Memory Laws and Security

    Security concerns are rarely openly invoked for the justification or in the preambles of memory laws – laws endorsing certain narratives about the past, often aimed at strengthening the collective identity of a nation or community. However, the notion of ‘security’ is invoked in broader debates over the legal governance of collective memory.

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  • Law and Memory

    Hanna Arendt warned that the fragile truth of historical facts was vulnerable not only to being forgotten but also to manipulation (Arendt, Human Condition, Chicago University Press 1958, p. 232). However, she was probably not referring to a necessity to introduce so-called memory laws, which represent an attempt by governments to legally preserve the memory of the past.

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  • The Commission takes a step back in the fight for the Rule of Law

    (1) Media reports of 20 December 2017 almost dwarfed the news of the Commission moving to initiate the judicial stage of the infringement proceedings against Poland based on Article 258 TFEU, in relation to certain provisions of the Act on the Common Courts System (the CCS Act). Under these proceedings, the breach of EU law may be established by the CJEU much faster than in t ...

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  • Chiles Verfassungs­reform – erfolgreicher Bürger­beteiligungs­prozess?

    Chile befindet sich in einem Verfassungsreformprozess. Die aktuelle Verfassung ist aus dem Jahr 1980 und stammt von Diktator Augusto Pinochet und seiner Militärjunta. Auch die vielen Verfassungsänderungen seit 1990 sind nach Alvaro Ramis, Präsident des Zentrums für kulturelle Bürgerstudien, wie das Schälen einer Zwiebel: Obwohl Schale für Schale der Verfassungsnormen veränder ...

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  • Catalonia in deadlock, and why that is a European problem

    The Catalan territorial conflict is stuck. That is not good news here. It does not mean that the conflict is being contained or the escalation stopped or anything like that. “Stuck” means that no clear solutions are on the table right now. That secessionists revalidated their parliamentary majority in the elections in Catalonia last week (despite the fact that they are also “ ...

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  • „A Good Constitution” and the Habits of Heart

    2018: Saving the Constitution or Writing an obituary for it ? While democracy tells the story how to gain political power and implement the political agenda, constitutionalism puts premium on learning how to govern in the culture of limited government, restraint and responsibility for the common good. 2017 has been a tumultuous year, to say the least, for Poland.

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  • Some Thoughts on Authoritarian Backsliding

    In December I took part in a number of discussions, including at two interesting conferences – one in Nijmegen (the Netherlands) and the other in Berlin. Both of these conferences were on the subject of the return of authoritarianism in Central and Eastern Europe, and I believe the points raised at them are worth sharing: 1. Sadly, Poland’s predicament has become hot topic around the world.

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  • Doppelpass für Südtirolerinnen und Südtiroler?

    Wer weiß, ob aus der Idee der doppelten Staatsbürgerschaft überhaupt was wird – das Porzellan wurde inzwischen aber schon zerschlagen. In ihrem Regierungsabkommen nehmen die ÖVP und die FPÖ in Aussicht, „den Angehörigen der Volksgruppen deutscher und ladinischer Muttersprache in Südtirol (…) die Möglichkeit einzuräumen, zusätzlich zur italienischen Staatsbürgerschaft die öste ...

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  • The European Commission’s Activation of Article 7: Better Late than Never?

    ‘The European Union is first and foremost a Union of values and of the rule of law. The conquest of these values is the result of our history. They are the hard core of the Union’s identity and enable every citizen to identify with it. The Commission is convinced that in this Union of values it will not be necessary to apply penalties pursuant to Article 7 of the Union Treaty ...

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  • What’s in a Name? The Republic of Macedonia at the Crossroads

    Forming of the new Government on 31st of May 2017 marked the beginning of the end of one of the most serious political crisis that Republic of Macedonia has lived through from its independence. The country was faced with challenges both on the domestic front – the dissolution of the democratic institutions and backsliding to authoritarianism, and on the international front as ...

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  • Taking the EU-Turkey Deal to Court?

    The EU-Turkey Statement of 18 March 2016, also known as “the deal” or EU-Turkey deal, has been one of the most controversial policy steps taken by the EU in recent years. As such, it has also been the subject of a debate in the Verfassungsblog between two eminent scholars: Prof. James Hathaway and Prof. Kay Hailbronner.

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  • Das abgekaufte Grundrecht: Verfassungs­widrige Rück­kehr­förderung

    Berlin ist bekanntlich nicht nur Hauptstadt, sondern auch Hauptstadt der Demonstrationen. Um die 5.000 Versammlungen sollen jährlich stattfinden. Berlin ist arm, Polizeieinsätze sind teuer. Nehmen wir also an, die Stadt Berlin käme auf die Idee, die Anzahl der Versammlungen zu reduzieren, indem sie die finanzielle Unterstützung von politischen Initiativen von der Bedingung abhä ...

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  • Next Stop on the Way to Constitutional Disarray in Poland: Electoral Law Reform

    Last Thursday, the Sejm has passed another hugely controversial law that might change the constitutional setup in Poland without changing a letter of the constitution itself. The law claims, according to its title, to „increase the participation of citizens in the process of electing, functioning and controlling certain public bodies“ (doc. 2001).

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  • Article 7 and us

    It was Poland’s new Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki himself, who delivered the news of what will hit him next week: if it is true what he says and the press reports, the EU Commission will launch a European constitutional emergency procedure against his country next Wednesday. For the first time in the history of the Union, it will propose according to Art.

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