• Warum Vertrauen in die Neutralität der Justiz ein schützenswertes Verfassungsgut ist

      Verhüllende Bekleidung wie der Hidschab (das Haare, Hals und Teile der Stirn abdeckende Kopftuch) signalisieren die Zugehörigkeit zu einer islamischen Glaubensrichtung. Gleichzeitig handelt es sich um eine Sittsamkeitspraktik, die europäische Gesellschaften mit der „Gleichzeitigkeit des Ungleichzeitigen“ konfrontiert: Es kehren Erwartungen an die „ehrbare“ Frau zurück, die di ...

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    • Ein Gericht rudert zurück: „Nikolaus“ ohne Haus

      Mit seinem Beschluss vom 11. April 2017 sieht sich das Bundesverfassungsgericht zum wiederholten Male genötigt, ein Loch zuzuschaufeln, das es zuvor selbst gegraben hat: Wie grenzt man verfassungsunmittelbare Leistungsansprüche auf Leistungen der Gesundheitsversorgung ein, wenn man sie zuvor kühn konstruiert hat? Die Erfindung von „Nikolaus“ Unter welchen Voraussetzungen ein An ...

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  • Afghanistan’s Constitution between Sharia Law and International Human Rights

    In February 2006, the 41-year old Afghan national Abdul Rahman was arrested in Kabul. Rahman’s family had reported him to the authorities. In an emotionally charged interview some days after the arrest his wife lamented that Rahman had never provided for their two daughters; his father confirmed that Rahman had failed to supported him too. The boy was on the wrong path.

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  • To Make a Commitment

    Dear Friends of Verfassungsblog, One of the most vexing aspects of constitutional law is that it is so well suited to dogmatize political preferences. Gay marriage – or rather: marriage for all, as the French ingeniously put it – is an example. Even the most rigidly conservative parts of the political spectrum in Germany are hard pressed nowadays to come up with a halfway pr ...

  • The Singapore Silver Bullet

    According to the Daily Telegraph, “Brexit has received a significant boost” after a “landmark ruling” of the European Court of Justice on the EU-Singapore trade agreement. The Times of London stated yesterday that the Court’s ruling “smooths the way for a Brexit trade deal without veto”. The Guardian declared that the Luxembourg judgment “raised a ray of hope for British trade negotiators”.

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  • Suggesting Solutions: A European Way?

    The conveners asked the third panel of the conference to take a European law perspective, as we are dealing, after all, with a conflict between two European countries. This European perspective raises several questions, many of which you can find in the programme. These questions can be roughly organised into two main categories.

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  • Suggesting Solutions: Do the Right Thing

    This short presentation distils the conclusions of the panel regarding the international law angle of the post-Sentenza scenario. They reflect some degree of consensus which was reached on certain crucial points, including the steps ahead. Keep calm… The applicable rules of international law are clear.

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  • Suggesting Solutions: Providing Compensation to the Victims as a Moral and Legal Duty

    The first panel dealt intensively with the question as to whether, and if so how, reparation should be awarded to victims even after Sentenza No. 238/2014 was released. The judgment as such did not make a possible upholding of State immunity conditional upon any compensation scheme. On the contrary, it asserted that the right to access to justice as protected by Article 24 of ...

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  • Because they say so!

    Dear Friends of Verfassungsblog Was that a threat? In a large op-ed in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung this week (May 11, p.6, not online so far), the Speaker of the German Parliament Norbert Lammert made a rather blunt statement towards the Federal Constitutional Court, recommending the justices to apply some "smart restraint" unless they do not want to see the constitut ...

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